Sleep Troubles.

Pillow Border Control.

Pillow Border Control.

When it comes to sleeping, I am like a 94 year old man. My right hip really bothers me and my left shoulder and my low back and left hip. So I can’t sleep on either side comfortably. I toss and turn all night long and have to pee six times. I’ve stopped drinking water passed 10 AM. The temperature has to be a perfect 62 degrees. Wait, am I a 94 year old man or just a really high maintenance woman? Not sure. We’ll call it a draw.

Every single night, my bf makes this “border” of pillows on the bed, one on the right of him, one of the left of him, one for his head and one between his legs and I swear, it takes up so much room…he says it doesn’t. We agree to disagree.

Around 4:30 AM, the AC started being WICKED loud. Like the sound of a car engine revving. So loud. I kinda expect my bf to get up and fix it, but he doesn’t. So I get up. Assess the situation, as only a Chick can, and determine that I need an object to shove between the top of the AC and where it meets the window pane to stop the loud vibrating. So, I get one of my bf’s socks. It’s not working. So, I loudly and with intention open the bedroom door to go find something else that may do the trick. A ruler?? No. A pad of paper?? No. A pen! A pen will be perfect, I think.  So I grab the pen and stick it between the side of the AC and the window and it seems to do the trick…so, I get back in bed. (Wouldn’t you have thought that the sock would’ve been the obvious choice? Me too.)

But now, I can’t sleep. I’m all frazzled and I have no room on the bed. My bf has shifted and is somewhat awake now. It’s 4:23 AM now. He said I stole one of his pillows, I didn’t know that I did but we literally have ten pillows on the bed, it’s ridiculous, so it’s hard to keep straight whose is whose. So, I grumpily say, “I have NO room!! You have your pillow border up and it gives me no room on the bed!! If you don’t believe me, turn on the light and look how close I am to the side of the bed!!!” So, he does. He turns on the super bright overhead light and goes down to the bottom of the bed and crouches down, as if to survey the width of the bed and the imaginary divider line the runs down the middle of our queen size mattress. He advises me that the sides are perfectly even.

So, now….we’re up. He gets up and gets on the computer, I get up and take a shower and we agree to go to work early. More like, I said, “I’m going to work as early as I can, if you don’t want to, you can take your own car.” (We work at the same place and carpool…) I was a bit grumpy from the morning’s festivities.

What is the moral of this story, you’re wondering?

Twin beds….OR make the imaginary line on the bed a reality with duck tape and install an Invisible Fence in your mattress.

Oh, and get central air installed.

-Chick A



2 responses to “Sleep Troubles.

  1. Looks like the beginnings of a very spiffy blog. I will be sure to follow it for all time. Sounds like this “PJ” knows how to get comfortable, and not let the noise of an AC vibration disturb his sleep! Must be a great guy! 🙂


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