Pens Coming Out My Wahzoo.

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There’s certain things I love. Not like family or friends or the sound of the ocean, not stuff like that…like, tangible things. Things like blank notebooks, pens, markers, wait…these are all office supplies. Let’s just keep it there, stick with “Office Supplies” as this topic.

How come when I’m in my local pharmacy store, let’s just call it “Left Aid”, and it’s Back to School time (which starts usually the day after school gets out for the summer) do I think, “I need some new notebooks, some new pens!” Maybe it’s the price…we’ll talk about this more in an upcoming article called, “I don’t do well with anything that’s free.” The items are so cheap! I recently purchased three 1-subject notebooks, in assorted colors for 99 cents!! Three of them. Under one dollar. That’s crazy. You know how much I can do with those?? I just need to have that. Not want. Need.

Guess what will happen to those notebooks? They’ll end up in a plastic container in my basement with the other 187 blank notebooks of all shapes and sizes and colors that I currently have. But, when I see them, there, in the store…it’s almost like I think it’s a hope for a better tomorrow if I buy them. Maybe I’ll start writing, I’ve always wanted to be a writer….maybe I’ll make incredible lists of information that will get me amazingly organized and determined to succeed in my life, I don’t know. The possibilities are almost endless. Maybe they are endless, I think they might be endless. Wow. That’s amazing. Endless possibilities…………

Moving onto pens and/or pencils…

When I’m eating out and the waitress gives me the bill and a pen to sign the credit card bill with, if it’s a “good” pen…it’s physically painful for me to leave it there. Where’d he or she get this pen? I should write down the make and model (in my tiny notebook that I bought that is perfect for my purse) maybe I’ll find it, get it too and be a lot happier in my life. This pen might change my life!! It writes so smoothly and feels so awesome in my hand. I have respect for a server with a nice pen. It’s like they just get it. I look at my server again and think, “You’re a lot cooler than I thought.” I have multiple bags of pens and pencils in my basement. Along with all the blank notebooks and other miscellaneous office supplies that I’ve collected over the years, I have pens. Pens galore. I would beg to guess (is that a saying? Well, it is now…) that I have in the vicinity of 3,000 pens/pencils/markers/highlighters, anything you could write with, in my basement and home.

I always want to be someone who writes in pencil. I feel like it makes you retro or vintage. But, it’s pretty labor intensive…to write in pencil. There’s smudging, there’s, of course, the constant sharpening, the breaking of the tip when you sharpen it too much, there’s the emptying of the sharpener that’s never easy. So, I pretty much stick to pens, but pencils….ahhh pencils….they’re like an antique car…awesome to look at and maybe take out every other Sunday for a spin, but you’re not using it on the daily.

Listen, don’t get me started on those pens that you can push down the little thing at the top and there’s like four different color options. Nope. I can’t go there yet. We barely know each other. But I will say, the green never works right….are you with me on that??

So yeah, that about covers it. My obsession doesn’t end with pens, pencils and notebooks, but those are the three major items. I dabble in file folders, 3 hole punched filler paper (they sell that stuff at back to school time for a PENNY people!!), cap erasers are always amazing, and many other supplies…I don’t know why. Maybe, like I said I see them as possibilities. Maybe I miss school. Maybe I unknowingly want to be a teacher or a manager of a large office supply chain like, let’s call it, “Office Minimum”. I’m not sure. But, I will say this…if you, my reader, ever needs a pen or a rubber band from my rubber band ball, just ask…I’ll be there for you. You’re welcome.

Heart you.

-Chick A


7 responses to “Pens Coming Out My Wahzoo.

  1. I’m obsessed with office supplies too. It’s a sickness. It’s sweet though cause I get to order them for work, so it’s like Christmas when the Office Minimum box comes in the mail. My favorites are: Journals, notebooks, pens, planners, post it notes. I have this planner, an Arc from Staples (Paperclips?) that is ahmazing. You can customize it with all these different papers and it has different covers you can buy and different dividers and little list thingys. It’s freaking heaven. I’m also obsessed with Five Star notebooks. I too buy this shit and then just have it around. However I am in classes right now so it’s coming in handy for once. I wish I could use pencil, but like you said, too much commitment. You need to try this pen: Pentel Energel Needle Tip 0.7. LOVE!! How much do I love being in charge of the supply closet at work? OMG!!! I wish I was actually going to the office supply store for work rather than just going online because there is something about being there. The smell in the air. The empty pieces of paper all over the place. The unused pens. It’s like potential, untapped, unbridled… a place like that. Now I’m getting deep….


    • You are speaking the Chicks’ language. We are office supply OBSESSED. However, we too have tried the Arc and we hated it!!! It became like 14″ thick when we added in all of the special dividers and papers and pen holders and whatnots.

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      • Yeah you have to get the upgraded little circle thingys to make the Arc planner work. They have different sizes you can buy cause it comes with small ones. Mine are pretty large so I can fit a lot in the planner. Also I do have to change pages out now and again which is usually okay, like when I take out old calendar pages.


  2. My obsession is calendars and planners. I’m currently trying to put my schedule into like three different planners. Which turns out is not very time effective (and actually makes it harder to manage my schedule) but they are always so cute! Damn you target!


    • Ugh, my issue with calendars and planners (and I know for a FACT that Chick E has this same issue) is that every December 29th, I’m all…”I need a new planner! They’re awesome, I’ll be SO organized and on top of everything and there’s spaces to write To Do lists and all sorts of fun, office-y/school-y things to do.” So, I buy one, I spend 2 hours putting in 100 birthdays and anniversaries of everyone I know…and I start. Three weeks in, I’m basically using it to bring my mail back and forth to work. And sometimes I’ll go back through the week and write in what we had for dinner each night last week…then, like right now, it’s September almost. I don’t even know where it is anymore…and it’s probably had something spill all over it. But guess what? With the holidays come amnesia…and on December 29th I’ll have a moment at Target or somewhere and go, “Oh shoot! I haven’t picked up a day planner yet!” Ugh.


  3. That Mexican Pen is The Most Interesting Pen In The World. It doesn’t always get used, but when it does, OMFG.


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