Ugh, I Just Vacuumed There!

First of all, why in the world are there two U’s in vacuum? Could that word be any more difficult to spell? I will never not have to spell check it.

That felt good to get off my chest. Now on to my next point. I pretty much compulsively vacuum my house. I love clean floors. There is nothing like them. I know, that’s not everyone’s normal, but it’s totally mine. Here’s the issue. There is always something making floors dirty. Always. I could vacuum, and four seconds after I finish there is something, somewhere on the floor. A piece of hair maybe, a piece of grass, a crumb, a thing-a-ma-jiggy. It could be anything, but it will always be something. And it’s more than annoying. It makes me want to pull the vacuum out and start all over again. Which I absolutely would do…if it wasn’t such a pain.

Which leads me to my next point. Can somebody please take the initiative after reading this to invent an incredibly convenient, light-weight vacuum? The Dust Buster tried to be that. Remember the Dust Buster? What a bust that thing was (see what I did there?). It would be a million dollar idea if there are any other people out there as obsessed with clean floors as I am. Anyone out there as obsessed with clean floors as I am?

I sometimes wonder how many hours of my life I’ve spent vacuuming. If I started tracking it now I would probably be frightened. Probably best to stay away from the statistics and just give in to my crazy ways. :/ OCD maybe? As Chick A likes to say “I have CDO, it’s like OCD, but all the letters are in alphabetical order, as they SHOULD be”. She didn’t exactly coin that phrase, but I heard it from her first so in my mind she did. Totally counts.

-Chick E



6 responses to “Ugh, I Just Vacuumed There!

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  3. The Dyson does indeed kick ass. We have two. One we got as a housewarming gift when we bought our first house. In 2002. And it STILL works. Let me add I am NOT easy on my things. I use them until they are choking out their last breath. We got our second as a hand-me-down from my parents a few years later. I have no idea how long they used it prior to giving it to us, but that thing runs like a dream too and doesn’t look a day over two years old. Run, don’t walk. Get a Dyson! 🙂


    • Won’t I need to take out a 2nd mortgage to get a Dyson?? Maybe I just think they’re super expensive but they’re really not. Maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas. What a sad statement. When did Christmas become about cleaning products??


  4. Your vaccuuumm (that is a toughy) the one that you have in this picture, totally scares the crap out of me. It’s got a mind of it’s own. It’s like, you pull it over here and it swivels around and hits the wall and then it gets stuck around a corner, so you yank the stick and it comes barreling towards you and you try to jump out of the way, but it hits you in the ankles!! Oh no, I stick with an upright vakhume that I am the master controller of. I say go here and it goes there. (I mean, not really, I just push it, but you get the point…)

    Let’s look into the Dyson. I heard it’s amazing. It’s like the Bentley of vahkyoums.

    We need to have a whole section on OCD and cleaning. Fact.

    -Chick A


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