I need some help here…


I really don’t get this.  Dennis Rodman in North Korea again with Kim Jong-un?  When did Dennis Rodman go from being part of a bad-ass Chicago Bulls team to political diplomat?  Is that what you’d call him?  I wonder what made Dennis Rodman wake up one day and decide he wanted to hang out with Kim Jong-un.  I also wonder why Mr. Jong-un is so receptive to hanging out with “the Worm”.  Quite possibly the oddest pairing since pickles and cantaloupe.  Anyone have any ideas as to why this bizarre relationship is working?  Maybe Kim likes to have Dennis around to reach things stored way up high…

-Chick E


3 responses to “I need some help here…

  1. It is weird because Dennis Rodman says whatever he wants, and free speech is not allowed in North Korea. Though I suppose North Korea are known for human rights abuse, and Rodman once kicked a camera man in the groin, so there’s that.


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