Video Games…What in the World??


I do not get the appeal of video games. I really liked Super Mario Brothers at one point, when I was like 10. I am sitting here listening to the Red Sox game on TV while P is watching something on the iPad.

Me: What are you watching?

P: A video.

Me: Yea I could tell that much. About what?

P: This video game.

Me: What video game?

P: (says something that I’ve already forgotten…mine-builder volcano eruption maybe? Is that one?) Actually it’s a video of people playing video games.

So that’s where we are?? We watch videos of people playing video games? I work in IT with a bunch of fantastically nerdy boys. And I am a huge nerd so don’t take offense here. Or take offense, I really don’t care. All I hear about all day is video games. That’s all they talk about. I’m currently on maternity leave so that I can spend 12 weeks at home being screamed at by a miniature human. I thought I had escaped the video game talk. No such luck.

Chick A, I know you’ll agree.

-Chick E


2 responses to “Video Games…What in the World??

  1. Yes, Chick E, you’re right. I do agree. Listen, I get it…I loved Pitfall and Pac Man and Super Breakout, I get it. But here’s the thing…I also liked My Little Ponies and Matchbox Cars. I was 12. Fine, you like video games as an adult, that’s fine with me. To each his own, BUT…there’s a line. I love my bf with all my heart, but just because you may have won a Driver’s Championship in your online sim Formula 1 racing league, doesn’t make you a professional race car driver. I’m sorry. It doesn’t. #1 reason why? YOU CAN’T DIE! That aside, like this blog, the “Sim” or “iRacing” that my bf is involved in is something he really loves and has fun with, so for that, I’m okay with it. But, I just wish I didn’t have to hear so much about it. (With his permission, I’ll write a whole other blog about his world of online racing.)

    I don’t know, video games are all so serious now. There’s murdering people with axes, there’s planning out wars, there’s so much violence. I’m not a huge fan and I think it’s too much…especially for kids. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I think the less violence, the better. So sue me. And yes, there was violence in Donkey Kong. But, it was that monkey throwing the things and the guy (later to be Mario) had to rescue her! DK was holding that girl captive up there!!

    And as an update to moogleslam’s last comment from earlier today, Lamar is now out of rehab. Celebrities. So fickle.


  2. I am going to start a blog where I talk about people who watch reality TV shows. Or maybe just about people who watch the Kardashian’s. Then we can compare to people who play video games.

    Kardashian girl: “I can’t remember something from my childhood, I think I have amnesia”
    Kardashian “Friend”: “You should see a doctor”
    Doctor: “Name the last two presidents”
    Kardasian Girl “Ummm….”
    Doctor: “What is 100 -7?”
    Kardashian Girl: “94?”
    Doctor: “What is 93-7?”
    Kardashian Girl: “Ummm….”
    Doctor: “You definitely don’t have dementia”
    Later in show….
    Kardashian Girl: “This is really serious, he’s talking about things like dementia”

    At that point, I threw up at the realization that there can be such stupid people on the planet, then went back to playing video games. No wonder Lamar Odom is in rehab.


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