My New Boss

I have a new boss. And if I can be frank here, she is kind of a douche.

I’ve always worked really well with my bosses. I’m a solid worker, pretty smart, and don’t need hands on management. This woman is a bit of micro-manager.

I don’t play well with micro-managers.

My new boss emails me 42 times a day. She texts me 250 times a day. She calls me with absurd requests at all hours of the day and night. All of this while I’m on maternity leave. Well sort of. I’m on maternity leave from my “real” job. But still. She should know that I am currently dealing with an eight week old and am extremely sleep deprived. But she just doesn’t care. She keeps piling it on.

My new boss is Chick A.

I love Chick A. We work together at our “real” job, we have this blog together, we are BFFs. But I sort of hate her right now. She is literally obsessed with this blog and becoming famous. She gives me homework every day. EVERY DAY. Listen lady, DO YOU THINK I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO??

Here’s an IM she just sent me as I’m writing this: “I NEED you to look at that website I just sent you sometime.” See what I mean? I have a backlog of 75 websites that I need to look at.  Here are some other requests (that’s a nice way of saying demands): “Write your About Me section” “Write our Manifesto” “You need to post something every day” “Did you update your Instagram?” “Did you look at what we posted on Twitter?” “You need to get a file folder to keep our receipts in” 

I’m really excited about this endeavor of ours and I really want to succeed as well. I do. I just don’t want to wind up like this poor Gerber daisy.

Love ya’ Chick A. 🙂

-Chick E



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