Thank You Concerned TFC Followers: AKA Our Parents

Dearest TFC Followers,

I fear I may have caused some concern and panic with my last entry titled “My New Boss”. Allow me to clarify.

No Dad, this is not about my boss at my real job. I would never go online and call him a douche because a. he is not. He’s quite lovely. And b. I’m not an idiot. Although at times I may seem like one, you have certainly raised me better than that (good plug right??).

No Skip, Chick A and I are not going through a trial separation. We are disgustingly co-dependent and could not live without each other. Although she is sometimes a HUGE pain in my ass (no not because of your weight Chick A, don’t even go there), I love her dearly and she will never be rid of me.


-Chick E



7 responses to “Thank You Concerned TFC Followers: AKA Our Parents

  1. A little tardy to the party here, but… I see a lot of traits in myself that are descriptive of Chick A. What I tell people is, “I am not a control freak. I am simply aggressively helpful.” You ladies are awesome. 😀


  2. I really enjoy the word “douche”…especially in a sentence like, “There’s a lot of douchebaggery going on in here.” But, I can totally understand why you don’t like it. It’s kinda gross to think about what it really is…eww. And, why would you call someone THAT? Thinking about that is a blog in itself, I think…


  3. I don’t like the word douche.I know I’m a little old school and physically old as well.But as Grace would say,I can’t like that


  4. You can’t imagine the upheaval “My New Boss” created, phone calls, emails, texts…with our concerned followers, all wondering the same thing, “Is this the end of Too Funny Chicks??” And of course we told the hoards of people, “Of course not, people, we’re being funny!!” I don’t think people really get the humor of Chick E and Chick A yet. We’re insane weirdos, BFFs till the end and tell each other (and now you, the world) how it REALLY is. And though she may have basically told me to go F myself in her article, “My New Boss” what she really means is, “I love her, she’s the best, she’s just really excited for us to get famous off this blog so she’s overly zealous…” Right, Chick E? 😉

    Love you followers.

    Love you Chick E.

    -Chick A


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