TFC HQ. Sup?



This is Chick A coming to you LIVE from the NEW Too Funny Chicks Headquarters.

Yes. That’s right. We have moved into a quaint and lovely office space due to our blog already blowing up!! We are so excited about how quickly this Too Funny Chicks idea has taken off…

Alright. Fine. The quaint and lovely office space is just in my basement, but still…it truly is quaint and lovely. (And when I say “blowing up” I mean, we’ve reached 30 Followers…)

My dog, Sam, is in the picture. He’s the TFC mascot. Along with Chick E’s “supposed” cat, Ollie, which I have never actually laid eyes on. I think she’s making it up, for what reason, I don’t know. She’s even got her almost 4 year old daughter in on it, talking about this, “Ollie”…I think it’s fishy. (“Sam & The Alleged Ollie” I see Children’s Books in our future, Chick E…)

There’s something to be said about “space”. In terms of having it. For yourself. My current house is about 740 square feet, not including the new TFC HQ (basement)…(Which has also previously been deemed “Room 3” in the summertime for our city dwelling family members that use our house as their Beach Cottage. Maybe I should open up a B&B. Which would be appropriate seeing how, as I’ll tell you more about in another entry, I grew up at my family-run small motel on Lake Winnipesaukee..long story, not for this blog…) ANYWHO…back to SPACE.

Space. It truly is the Final Frontier. So, in my 740 sf adorable cottage by the sea, we have…me and my BF and 50% of the time, we have his two awesome kids (8,10) living with us. So, let’s see, what’s 740 sf divided by 4.5 (Sam would considered a half, I’m assuming, I mean, he doesn’t use the toilet, so…) Hold on, I need a calculator…one sec…okay, so that’s 164.4 sf each. I Googled, “What does 165 square feet look like?” I couldn’t find a good picture of anything that would really help you visualize this. I’m sure you can imagine. It’s not a lot.

So, here’s how this office space came to be. As you read the other day in Chick E’s post “My New Boss” ( I am QUITE excited about our new venture, this blog. It’s pretty much all I can think about since it’s inception. (Hello, needed a creative outlet in my life much??) The other thing that takes up most of my brain is losing weight. So, as I was tending to the “Losing Weight” part today, I thought, maybe I’ll go use that “new to us/used” elliptical machine that my sister’s neighbor so graciously gave to me. I won’t speak negatively about an item that was very kindly given to me, but it totally sucks so much. SO, SO much. It’s terrible. My sneaker got caught in one part, I almost fell, the arm things are rusted, it’s covered in yellow pollen, it’s not awesome. (If you’re reading this, kind neighbor of my sister, thanks. You’re really nice.) (Holy crap, I am ALL over the place in this article, sorry…) Let me start a new paragraph and get refocused…

So instead of breaking my face and other body parts trying to use this machine, I decided to just work-out to my music. I mean, I’ve been to enough cardio classes, Zumba classes, many DVD’s watched and I can just make up my own routine. So I did. It started out great; grapevines, jumping jacks, punching the air, threw in some yoga moves (Hello, Sun Salutations?) but in a short time, I just kept going back to running in place or this wicked Jazzercize move that I must have picked up along the way, maybe Jane Fonda taught me. As I was literally shaking it out to Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it Out” I thought, “HEY, THIS SHOULD BE MY ROOM!! My man cave! Or Lady Cave. Or TFC OFFICE! OMG!! THIS IS GOING TO RULE!” I got done with shaking it out and started gathering. Laptop, notebook, pens, tissues (maybe I’ll cry writing…or probably sneeze, yeah, sneeze) I cleaned this old dining room table that the last owner left in the house, vacuumed all of the 12 abandoned/hand me downed throw rugs over the floor and set it all up. I feel like when I was 9 and played office with my best friend and her two sisters in her parent’s basement.

I feel this new sense of SPACE. It feels pretty awesome. I really think my creative flow is going to get juiced down here. I think I’ll be even funnier than I was upstairs.

I sent Chick E a text and told her that this was the new TFC HQ and sent her the above picture. All she had to say was, “Looks Swedish”…I think she’s referring to the fact that probably 59.4% of the things down here came from IKEA. (Including the lamp I have on my desk that she let me borrow once and I never gave back…sawree…)

Alright. Here we go Followers. Next level stuff here, peeps. TOO FUNNY CHICKS WORLD HEADQUARTERS is officially open for business, y’all!

See? I’m funnier down here, right??

Heart you…and my additional square footage.

-Chick A

P.S. The Title of the Blog was “301” in your email notification because I forgot to name this blog before I hit “Publish”…I went through 43 titles before I decided on this one…wasn’t feelin’ the “Title Naming” part tonight…sorry about that…)


2 responses to “TFC HQ. Sup?

  1. Oh yeah, we really need to get “WITW” going. I always try to text that to others and then remember it’s only you and I that use that, it hasn’t gotten as big as “OMG” or “WTF” yet. YET. WITW, people. (What in the World??) Great new thing to say everyone…spread it around.


  2. I meant to say “looks awesome” and stupid auto-correct changed it to “looks Sweden”. What in the world (WITW for future reference)?? It really does look amazing. Can I move in? I bet I could still hear the baby crying from there. *sigh*


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