A Girl Can Dream: Musicals are Life Edition.

happy business people

I’ll set the scene. I’m at work. It’s lunch time. I’m in the busy and bustling cafeteria. People are ordering from the grill station, compiling a salad from the salad bar, choosing a soda or other beverage…grabbing a fork, filling a water bottle. You get it. People at a corporate cafeteria doing their thing.

Suddenly, the room goes silent. Everyone’s frozen. The lights go off except for on me. There’s a spotlight. And, I start this slow ballad. Maybe something like…

“Oooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh…Last Dance…Last chance for love….Yes it’s my last chance…for romance to-niiight…….I need you…by me…beside me….to guide me….to hold me….to scold me….’cause when I’m bad, I’m so, soo baaaaddd……”

(5,6,7,8…Lights up…The beat is fast now and everyone starts doing a choreographed dance!)


Everyone is involved, everyone is an amazing dancer. Even the people that you’d think wouldn’t be. Plus, I continue to sing, while I move to tempo around the cafe, maybe up on a table and then two people help me down the other side while I continue to sing and again, everyone else is continuing this amazing dance around me. People are breakdancing and doing those swing moves where the guy throws the girl around…it’s awesome.

“So come on baby, dance that dance, come on baby, dance that dance, come on baby, let’s dance TONIIIIIIIIGHT! YEEEAAAH!!!” (CUT MUSIC)

Spotlight back to just being on me…people are all frozen again…and I wink and walk out of the spotlight…lights come back up and everyone’s unfrozen and back to filling up their water bottles and chatting with a colleague.

This has been the story about how I wish life were a musical.

How much GD fun would that be???


If singing in public for absolutely no reason was not only permitted and accepted, but expected and just a common and typical occurrence??

People would be way happier. I know I would.

Who’s with me on this?? I think the best we’ve come up with so far, is Flash Mobs. I think I need to be a part of a Flash Mob. Should I Google, “Join a Flash Mob Team”?

Not going to be able to get Last Dance out of my head for days now.

Heart you. And heart you, Donna Summer.

-Chick A

P.S. If you have no clue what that song is, shame on you. It’s a classic and it’s awesome. Listen to it by clicking on the link below and then come back and read my blog again. Thank you.


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