Hi. TFC Follower? What Are Your Rates For Mental Health Therapy?


Tonight. Prime example. I hate change. Change scares the bejesus out of me.

Big change today. New operating system for my iPhone. I didn’t know! I thought it was just updates to make it faster or something.


“They” say it’s better, it’s smoother, it’s got more and better features. But, I don’t know! I don’t get it! All I can see is that all my buttons look different and the place where I send text messages looks different and I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!!!! WHY DID I DO THIS??? HOW DO I GO BACK TO WHAT IS FAMILIAR??? (Gasping for air.)

So, it’s about an hour into my new phone set up…and although yes, it is different. It’s fine. It’s easy and tomorrow, I won’t remember the old way.

But, I’m telling you, my panic mode was like level 53 out of 15. (The scale in this scenario is 6-15. Chick E and I like to make up nonsensical scales to base judgments on. 1-10 is so boring…) (So, in translation and I’m only going to do this once…it’s like saying, “My panic mode was a level 12, if the scale was 1-10.”) Make sense? Oh brother. Moving on.

Here’s the thing, this story, it’s not just about Apple’s new iOS 7 Operating System…it’s about “Fear of Change”. Ooooh….deeeeep….

Straying from what we know is hard for some people. Not everyone, I’m sure, but a lot of people. Some people LOVE it, I know it…ugh, they’re so cool because they LOVE change, it “keeps them on their toes” and “change is the spice of life” and it’s “so exciting”…ugh…”those” people…but for some of us, it’s frightening to not know what to expect, right? Who’s with me on this?

Here are a few things that will or have happened in life that are scary changes:

* Getting a new bedroom when you’re a kid.
* Committing to a large bottle of shampoo and conditioner that you’ve never tried before.
* Selling the first home that you bought all by yourself and moving to a new home.
* A new operating system on any kind of technology. When we changed from Windows 7 to Windows 8, I literally wanted to cry.
* When your favorite basketball team gets rid of their best and most loyal player after 15 GD years!! (Ain’t that the Truth…) 😉
* Going from records to 8 tracks to cassettes to CD’s to MP3s…what’s next??? WHAT KIND OF MACHINE WILL I HAVE TO BUY NEXT???

These are just a few random examples of changes in your (my) life that are hard to deal with.

What will the future hold?? Will it be okay? Will I be okay??(No wonder I have heart disease…refer to http://wp.me/p317Rq-4Z)

Another example: My middle sister lives around the corner from me, maybe 500 yards. My oldest sister USED to live the same distance away, just the other direction. It was awesome. Then, my oldest sister moved about 7 minutes down the road!! 7 minutes!!!! That change was a tough one for me.

Listen, I know there’s a lot bigger changes in life…break-ups, kids, divorce, death, losing a job, heart disease…the list goes on and on…but you know what is the craziest thing??? I think I can handle these things BETTER!!! It’s the little things that bring me physically painful distress. What in the World?? (I’m not saying these BIG things don’t cause me issue as well, oh, they do…but I just choose to not think about those things…avoidance is key here.)

Alright, one more example I just thought of…I’m gonna have people calling me from all over like, “Ummm…I think you really should see someone about this…” Yeah, you’re probably right.

Does Blog Therapy count??

Last one: When I was younger and still lived with my parents, every few months I would change my room around. Move the desk here, the bed there, my New Kids on the Block posters there, lamp over there, enormous piggy bank in the shape of a pencil over here (true story…still have that bank, will post a pic of it sometime), life-size cardboard cut-out of Larry Bird over there (true story…still have that life-size cardboard cut-out of Larry Bird, will post a pic of it sometime)…and then, that very night, when the transformation was complete, I would lay in my bed and cry. Cry my eyes out. Cry em right out. Because of the CHANGE. I didn’t like the change part of it. Most every time, I’d think, “I’m gonna get up right now and change it all back to the way it was!” But, I wouldn’t. I was tired. So why did I continue to CHANGE my room around all the time?? I do not know. I do know that I’d wake up the next morning and really LOVE it, what I had done. The changes I had made. Every time.

You’d think I would’ve learned by now. That change IS good. Like “they” say…but I don’t. I just go from a Blackberry to an iPhone and FREAK OUT. I just get my bangs cut and CRY FOR THREE DAYS.

But, life is change, right? That’s all you can expect. Change. So, maybe I should just change more. Be one of “those” people. “Change is awesome, it keeps me on my toes! I hate routine and always knowing what to expect…” One of “those” people.

Stay tuned for my next article called, “I eat an extra mushroom, one piece of American cheese, egg white omelet for breakfast EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.” It’s an article on how loosey-goosey and carefree and go with the flow I am…

Heart you…whether you like change or not…

-Chick A


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