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Driving along yesterday on a beautiful sunny fall day, I saw no less than four extremely crappy pieces of furniture on the side of the road, all with a “FREE!!!” sign.  I mean, extremely crappy.  I am all about passing along things that I no longer use.  You know what “they” say…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I really do believe this and have often put things on the side of the road with a “FREE!!!” sign.  But those things I put on the side of the road are not a. falling apart b. disgusting c. dirty d. broken and e. useless.

One of these fine pieces I saw yesterday was a blue recliner.  The leg-rest portion was up.  I am guessing it does not go down.  It was navy blue, and possibly leather.  Either leather or extremely greasy.  I could only sort of tell it was navy blue because 95% of it was permanently brown with dirt.  I would say something like “I think there was a family of possums living in it”, except if a family of possums walked by this chair, they would say “ewwww”.

I remember this past spring there was a couch on the side of a road that I travel twice a day, to and from work.  That couch stayed there for weeks.  Literally, weeks.  It was like the Post Office, there through rain, snow, heat, and gloom of night.  It was such a lovely site to see on my commute, like a good friend saying “good morning!” and “have a great night!” each time I’d pass by.  Who doesn’t want to see old crappy furniture on the side of a scenic NH back road?

At what point do you finally call it quits and say “I guess no one wants my piece of shit couch/chair/table/whatever.  I’d better find another way to get rid of it”?  Here’s the thing people, just because it’s FREE!!!, doesn’t mean anyone wants it!!  I mean, herpes is free but you don’t see anyone loading that into a truck do you?

Keep your junk to yourself people.  That’s my PSA for the week.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

-Chick E


2 responses to “NOBODY WANTS THAT!!!

  1. There’s always lamp shades. Ever notice that? Every time I pass by a box on a Monday morning with all the crap that no one wanted at that person’s weekend yard sale, there’s ALWAYS a lamp shade. I’m serious. Always.


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