Jobs 11-17 On My Never-Ending Scroll Of Employment.


(These Guys in this picture are reading my resume.)

Hello Again!

(I loved that movie, “Hello Again”, by the way, ever see that? With Shelley Long…funny stuff…)

Here we are, Part Dos of the saga called, “I’ve Had Almost As Many Jobs As Years Old I Am”…

Please refer to Part One if you haven’t already read it…you can find it here:

Okay, let’s get right back to the Countdown…

(I said that with Dick Clark or Rick Dees voices in mind…)

11. Lakes Region Summer Theater: I was big into the theater (or the Theatre as the snoots call it…) when I was younger…was in every musical through school…loved it. My best friend’s Mom ran the LRST and I wanted to help. (Honestly, I’m not sure if I got paid, I think I volunteered, so this might subtract from my total of 33, but I’m going to let that slide.) I was an Usher at the shows at night and I stuffed many, many, many envelopes during the day. Heart you Marilyn! 😉 (Best Choreographer ever!!)

12. Heath’s Supermarket: Small, hometown grocery store. There wasn’t “scanning” of items, there was just “ringing in items”…it wasn’t all High-Tech as it is now, with lanes for people to scan their own groceries…(by the way, do you EVER get through those without needing an associates help?? Nope.) This is what I remember about this job. Two things. One: looking up the numbers for every kind of produce takes a long time. And two: For every lunch break, I would go to the deli, ask for a small container of ham salad and go and sit in the dingy and dilapidated break room and read magazines. Every. Day. Today: HATE HAM SALAD. SO gross.

13. Ice Cream Place: (Will not mention the name of this one, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble…) I’ll just say it’s like Dairy Queen, but just not the Queen part. This was a crazy one. You’d think it would be pretty cut and dry, take ice cream orders, make ice cream cones…the end. Nope. First off, the owner at the time was maybe legit insane. All of us that worked there were teenagers…and he must’ve thought that all teenagers had bad oral hygiene because before every shift he made us all gargle with Listerine. Yup. Weird, right? This guy had a crazy temper, I don’t think he should’ve been running his own business that was around, you know, people… One time, I can’t even remember why, he told me and this other girl to go into the bathroom to rinse with Listerine and he locked us in there!! For like, I don’t know, a good 15 minutes or more, I’d say. I think that was the last day I worked there. (For fun, we’d pull the handle on the soft serve machine and pour the ice cream into our hands and throw it at each other. Wonder if that’s why he locked us up??)

14. Unnamed Restaurant/Hotel/Beach Bar Near My Hometown: During Bike Week, lots of the drivers would stay here. I met Rusty Wallace while working here. When I applied for a job here, I was told that…I wasn’t what they were “looking for” for the staff of the beach bar…but they had availability in the upstairs dining room for breakfast and lunch. Aka: Only Chicks that could pull off a bikini were allowed to work down there. Probably a good marketing strategy.

15. Sweetwater Inn Catering: This job will forever live in infamy in my heart for two reasons. One, the owner was the absolute coolest guy ever and I have forever looked up to him and thought he was an amazing person and chef…Mike passed away a few years ago and it truly broke my heart…and Two: Mike would have me bartend at all the functions I worked for him. THIS, my friends, is one of the best gigs ever. Making cocktails for super happy, drunk people. They don’t have to pay for the drinks, so they have PLENTY of money to tip me. Although, I wasn’t allowed to put out a tip jar, one always popped up…somehow. One night, I made over $850 in tips from a wedding. I was 21. (Maybe) And $850 is like a million dollars when you’re that age. At least in the 90’s it was. I bet a 21 year old would scoff at $850 now. So sad the times we live in. I blame it on video games and Reality Shows.

Love you Mike, will always miss you and your amazing Pad Thai.

16. Lane Bryant: I talked about working here in my blog, “How About I Just Wear This Curtain?” (Found here: My pride, ego and forward fashion sense only allowed me to work here for a short time.

17. Road Kill Cafe: This will go down as one of my favorite and one of my longest running jobs out of the 33. If you don’t know the gist of this place, I’ll just start by saying, there was a sign when you walked in the front door that said, “Come In. Sit Down. Shut Up.” The servers would be funny (sometimes rude) to the customers and people LOVED IT. I didn’t really play the rude part, I’d try to be more funny, bossy, basically myself. Like, I’d walk over to a table, sit down and just let out a big sigh…and look up in the air and say, “Do you guys know what you want yettt??” Maybe they’d say, “Umm…what’s on the “Chicken That Didn’t Make It Across The Road Sandwich?” And I’d say, “I don’t have time for questions, let me know when you’re ready…” and walk away. Then, I’d be across the restaurant and yell to that same table, “ARE YOU READY TO ORDER YET????” Holy crap, people LOVED this. People will pay you money, GOOD money to ridicule them in public in front of their loved ones. It was so great. I worked here for many years actually, I even worked in many different locations in New England training people on the RKC Ways. If they hadn’t gone bankrupt, I might still be working there. Darn.

Alright, I’m stopping here. “Whyyyy, you plead?” Don’t cry, dear Follower.. Because after Road Kill and college was over, I moved away. I moved to the Sunshiny, old people driving, Mouse-Ear wearing State of Florida.

So, I’ll start off there next time.

I know. The suspense is KILLING you. Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Heart you. I’m not just saying that.

-Chick A

P.S. Don’t be mad if this three-parter turns into a 4-parter, okay? Sawree.


Go to Part Three:  M.I.C. See Ya Real Soon…K.E.Y. Why Because I’m Obsessed.

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