Will They Be Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door?? Or Just Mine?

dog sings


It always amazes me that people still solicit door to door.

Had some “visitors” tonight. Two women. This was their opening question to my bf, “Do you think that there will be an end to human suffering?”

Wow. Bold. Is this really a conversation to have while you’re standing on my doorstep between a thin layer of screen?

Sam was barking like a crazy person, like he always does, but you could tell they were used to such things, like the mailman.

Certain “sales techniques” are always surprising to me. Do I want to convert to your particular religion tonight while dinner is cooking? Probably not. Do I want to have a grocery party at my house because you’re calling me on the phone and I don’t know you? Not really…

I had to go try to rescue my bf because he’s always way too nice to these surprise guests. Once, some people at our door that were peddling, I can’t remember, either “Save the Water” or “Cut Down Less Trees” convinced my dear hearted bf into giving them his debit card number. I hope he saved some trees. Or some water…

So, I sneak into the door frame and see the two women who are posing such lighthearted queries like, “Do you think that there will be an end to human suffering?”

We actually discussed this with them for a bit, she was a pretty good saleswoman, she had Bible Verses tagged with pink and green Post-It flags to back-up everything she was saying, I was impressed with her effort. I told her this as well.

I’d like to think that I made them think about some points that I made as well, about loving people without judgment and with kindness. I don’t think they were buying my pitch though. My bf walked away after some comments about “Scientific Facts” arose.

Needless to say, we did not convert tonight. But, I applauded them on their passion and commitment, as well as one of the women’s purses. It was really cute.

But like I said, what year is this? It astonishes me that people still go door-to-door in this day and age. Hmmm…maybe they’ve got something, maybe that’s how we can start getting more Followers on this blog…door-to-door….hmmmm….”Hi, I’m Chick A and this is my friend, Chick E and we represent toofunnychicks.com….We were wondering, can you answer this one question, “Do you think Heart Disease and Hating Babies is funny? Oh no? Well, here’s a flyer for you to read more about it…think about it…”

Yeah, probably not.

Ooh, that just gave me a great idea. Halloween’s coming up, I’m envisioning Tootsie Roll Pops that I’ve Sharpied “TooFunnyChicks.com” on the side. Marketing and advertising…for free y’all!!

I think my bf hit it right on the money tonight (is that the saying?) he said, “Time to get a ‘NO SOLICITING’ sign.”

Heart you. (Heart you too, solicitors…just wish you’d be stopping by uninvited to like, give me a gigantic check and balloons…)

-Chick A


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