Did You Not Realize You Lost Your Couch On The Highway?


It always confuses me when I see trash on the ground. Otherwise known as “littering”. Who’s still littering? It makes me mad, of course, but it makes me curious almost just as much. Who’s doing this in this day and age? I saw a candy wrapper on the nicely landscaped ground this morning on my walk into work. Did someone just pop that gold Lindt ball into their mouth and throw the wrapper in the bushes? Just unwrap, pop in mouth, and bam, on the ground? Who does that?

There’s always the craziest trash on the sides of the roads. These are things I’ve seen recently. One shoe. A milk crate. A large Tide detergent bottle. A couch. How did these things come to be there? Did they just fall off of a truck heading to the garbage? (Who’s bringing their garbage to the dump via the highway?) Did they get their seatbelt stuck in the door and when they went to fix it whilst driving down the road, one of their shoes fell out? I imagine with the milk crate and the couch that those just flew off the back of a truck, but did you not know? Okay, MAYBE the milk crate silently fell off, but an ENTIRE COUCH??

When I saw the milk crate other day, on the side of the highway, right over the Piscataqua Bridge…I literally had this conversation with myself, “Those are always pretty handy to have…should I stop and pick it up? Clean it up? Put it to use? Hmmm…that’s pretty dangerous to stop on the highway for a milk crate…I can just buy one. But, the thin plastic ones you’re able to purchase just aren’t as good as the true milk crates…” Such a dilemma. Right? I didn’t pick it up, by the way. I didn’t buy a crappy one either. I really don’t need that.

Anyways, my point is…don’t litter. Littering is so lame. You can’t put that Lindt Ball wrapper in your pocket till you get to a trash can??

Give a hoot, people. Give a HOOT!!

Heart you, non-litterbugs.

-Chick A


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