Hey, Ryan Seacrest…If You’re Ever In the Seacoast…


I like to sing. I sing A LOT. I think I am a decent singer, but I’m sure Simon or Randy or Blake Shelton or Sharon Osbourne would feel differently.

It’s very weird, I have a thing with song lyrics. I remember them all. I wonder how many songs I have in my brain…it’s insane. No wonder I have no room in there for Sudoku or Jeopardy. (Actually, I’m pretty good at Jeopardy too…I’ve really been selling myself short…)

It’s weird how the most random of songs will just pop into my head and then I have the overwhelming need to perform it. REALLY sing it out. Like, stand in my dining room and pretend I’m walking up to the mic kinda perform. (Mostly when my bf is at basketball and I’ve got the whole stage, I mean house, to myself.)

As I sat down to write a blog, on this lovely fall Sunday, not knowing yet what I was going to blog about…(I like to just sit and see what comes over me to write about…it’s my writing “process”…) I starting singing the REO Speedwagon classic…”I Can’t Fight This Feeling Any Longer and yet I’m still afraid to let it flow, what started out as friendship has grown stronnnnggggerrr…I only wish I had the strength to let show…” I’m a huge fan of Soft Rock. 94.9, WHOM, all day long.

I often daydream of say, Ryan Seacrest randomly coming to my place of work and he’s like, “We’re looking for contestants for American Idol. Can anyone here sing?” And my bf who I work with…who just happens to be in the cafeteria with me at the same time that Ryan Seacrest shows up, yells out, “She can!” and points at me. I act all embarrassed and horrified at first…Ryan walks over to me, chats and asks me to sing…(Cameras are rolling, by the way, this will all be a part of my intro package on American Idol) So, I sing. The room is quiet…and luckily for me, I’ve literally been mulling over for many, many years what I would sing if this situation arose. So, I’m ready. (True story.)

“Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane, touched down in the land of the Delta Blues, in the middle of the pouring rain…” Don’t know it?? What?? One of the best songs ever. Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis”, I once heard the University of New Hampshire’s Men’s Acapella group, “The Gents” sing it and I was never the same. The part with the totally raspy, “Now, Muriel plays piano, every Friday at the Hollywood and they brought me to see her and they asked me if I would…do a little number, and I sang with all my might, she said, “Tell me are you a Christian, child?” And I said, “Ma’am, I ammmm tonight!!” The crowd (In the cafeteria at work) explodes! “WOW, WE DIDN’T KNOW SHE COULD SING LIKE THAT!!” And obviously, the ending to this fantasy is that I am the winner of American Idol and go on to be a famous singer…and continue to blog, of course…

(By the way, I think that if I had my druthers, this whole fantasy would actually have taken place on the show, “The Voice” although AI has produced many more stars, I feel like The Voice is generally a more talent-oriented show. Just wanted to say that.)

It’s funny, this is the second blog revolving around random singing in my workplace cafeteria…(refer to A Girl Can Dream: Musicals are Life Edition: http://wp.me/p317Rq-5z) What’s my deal with that??

Anyways, the bottom line of this blog is…if you ever need help with song lyrics and your computer’s not working for you to Google them, gimme a call. Or email, if you don’t have my number…or leave a post here if you don’t have my email…I don’t know, maybe just wait till your computer comes back up. What’s wrong with it anyway?? Maybe just reboot, that usually helps…

Alright, gonna go perform some Foreigner or Journey now…have an awesome Sunday y’all.

Heart you…and hey, Ryan, if you’re reading this…let me know if you’re in town…

-Chick A

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