I’m Not Weird, I’m Adorable. Right? RIGHT???

ree card

I drew this lobster with a cowboy hat all by myself. Well, with the help of this site I found when I Googled, “How to draw a lobster with a cowboy hat on”.

I am super excited.

Tomorrow, I am going to Boston. (No, not for the World Series…BETTER!!)

I’m going to Boston not only to have a fun shopping day with my Mum on Newbury Street (who has never shopped on the famous Newbury Street in Beantown before!) but I am going to my first ever book signing. (It’s funny, a non-reader going to a book signing…)

This book signing is for Ree Drummond!! (AKA The Pioneer Woman!)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a blog before my love of Food Network, I call it my “Prozac”. It’s the only thing in the World that turns my brain off and allows me to focus. Maybe it’s just because I love food and am trying to lose weight so I am living vicariously through the people making and eating all these things that I can never make or eat.

Anyways, in 2011, The Pioneer Woman launched on Food Network and there was something about the simplicity of the rural Oklahoma life, the horses, the gorgeous views, the kids and two Bassett Hounds- Charlie and Walter, the Marlboro Man (her Cowboy) and of course, Ree…that really captured my heart. It all seemed so….warm and uncomplicated and rustic. It’s like Little House on the Prairie 2.0. Ree’s funny, has LOTS of great earrings (I’m always thinking how much I like her earrings on every episode…) and makes food that’s easy and delicious. I had my Mum & Dad over for dinner one night when I first became a Pioneer Woman Groupie and I made them her “Perfect Pot Roast” and “Blackberry Cobbler #1”. (Yes, there is a “Blackberry Cobbler #2”.) My meal was given rave reviews by my parents and I was a happy camper.

Watching the Pioneer Woman Saturday mornings (and lots of reruns all other times) is like when I first saw the movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, I just wanted to move to Tuscany and fix up an old, dilapidated Italian home and write a book and grow my own olives. (Or was it grapes??) (Grapes would be WAY better, I hate olives…) Anyways, NOW, I want to move to Oklahoma, herd some cattle, be out in the middle of no where and bake things like Monster Cookies and make Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes…it sounds so lovely.

Ree also wrote a novel about her life, “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” that I actually read! ALL of it! I never do that. I bought Cliff Notes for every book in high school. I have the focus span of an Flea with A.D.D. It was so good! (I gave it to my Mum to read before we meet Ree tomorrow, I wonder if she finished…)

So, here’s the thing. Is this weird? Is PW my new New Kids on the Block?? I mean, I don’t have a Pioneer Woman comforter or t-shirts or buttons or posters or backpacks or sheets or jackets……not yet anyway…. 😉

I just think she’s cool. Can that be okay? She’s funny and has great recipes and ideas and is a great writer and photographer. Because guess what?? She started in 2006 with a simple blog. Sound like anyone you know??

Check out her Bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ree_Drummond

She did something she just loved to do and ran with it…she started writing, taking pictures, cooking, talking…to whoever…and now, 7 years later, she’s got a hit show on Food Network.

I’m not one of those people that pretend to know a celebrity because I see them on TV or read about them online, but I feel like I have gotten to know her through her blog over the years and now her show. So, I feel like I’m meeting a long-lost friend tomorrow for the first time. So, that’s why I’m so excited.

By the way, I was once told that my “Love Language” was gift buying…so, of course, I’m not going to meet PW empty handed…today I went to Yummies, a local insane candy store and bought chocolate cows (Umm, did I mention she lived on a cattle farm??), gummy lobsters and a 3D Lobster Magnet (to represent for Maine…holla!!), some Maine Pencils for her 4 kids and I also made a CD of songs with references to Oklahoma or the country or John Hughes films and other faves. (As I type this I’m thinking that I really do sound crazy…)

However, I will say that I know this girl…she’s super cool and funny and Greek…and SHE is obsessed with Ina Garten…AKA The Barefoot Contessa and went to a book signing of hers with HER Mum recently and brought the Contessa some homemade baklava…so that made me feel better about myself…thanks RV. 😉

I also just wrote out a card (see pic above, that’s the envelope) and said some nice things and told her if she wanted a new pen pal she could email me AND that I hoped that she would check our OUR blog, toofunnychicks.com! I hope she will check it out and like it and think that we are too funny chicks…

Alright, I’ll report back tomorrow about my day. I can’t wait. Thanks to my awesome Mum for going with me to meet my new BFF… 😉 (Especially since it’s Game 6 of the Red Sox-Cardinals World Series!! And this event is across the street from Fenway!! Yikes! Wish us luck!) (Shout out also to my brother-ish, JMC for making our day in Boston easier with killer directions and maps. You’re awesome and should have your own Beantown Tour Company.)

Heart you, Followers.

-Chick A

P.S. Ree, if you’re reading this, all my friends and family will tell you that I really am cool, not weird. 🙂 (Okay, they will ALL say that I’m weird, but in an adorable and funny and lovable way…) (Right, friends and family???)

4 responses to “I’m Not Weird, I’m Adorable. Right? RIGHT???

  1. Hi Abbé

    Just wanted to let you know that I was in Bruges Belgium a couple of days ago and lo and behold, there was another pretty girl wearing an owl hat! You trend setter, you. Heart you, sue.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • That’s awesome! Yeah, I’m really trying to push the owl hat trend globally. Glad it’s finally reached Belgium! Hope you had fun Sue!! 🙂

      Thanks for supporting TFC!!


    • Correction to previous statements re: PW being my new BFF. I meant to say, “Should PW and I become friends, I wi quickly let her know that the position of my BFF has already been filled, by Chick E. Maybe PW could be in my “Best friend that has her own show on Food Network” category. Love you Chick E!!


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