Me. Mum. The PW. Obama. Red Sox Nation and Diabetes.

Me & Ree

Happy Halloween all you ghoulies and goblinas!

(I don’t know, I just make up words sometimes…)

Hope you all have made it through having buckets and pillowcases full of candy in your house, without any meltdowns and/or pre-diabetic issues.

So…this post isn’t about me ranting about how every holiday in America revolves around candy and how 80% of people in America are diabetic. I won’t go there…but I mean, what kid needs a pillowcase FULL of candy??

What you want to hear about, is the fantastic adventures I had in Boston yesterday meeting my Food Network BFF, The Pioneer Woman…right? After the blog I wrote about it the other day describing in great detail HOW ridiculously excited I was to meet my Food Network friend? (If you didn’t catch it, read it here:

My Mum arrived around 11:30 to my house yesterday and we were both dressed to the nines! Me in a black knee length dress, black leggings and black Harley boots with a hot pink scarf (and owl hat too, of course…) and my Mum was in cool new black denim, black suede blazer with a multicolored gorgeous scarf. (No owl hat though…) That’s how the woman in my family generally roll with fashion, lots of black.

We took off for the big city! With my gifts for PW in my backpack and my owl hat planted firmly on my head.

The drive there was fairly uneventful. Just the occasion shriek of terror or horrified grasp of the side handlebar by my Mum whilst I maneuvered my MINI Coop (whom I lovingly call, “Little Lady”) around the busy and confusing streets of Beantown. We had been given very detailed directions by Mr. Boston himself (you know who you are) and we arrived with little drama at the Prudential Building where we’d park for the day.

It was kinda chilly-ish/rainy-ish, so we chose our methods of protection, raincoats or umbrellas and started to walk just the couple of blocks to our first destination of the day: Newbury Street. For those of you who don’t know, Newbury Street in Boston is the shopping mecca of the city. Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Lord & Taylor, Coach, Kate Spade, Anthropologie as well as Marshall’s, Nike, Filene’s H&M and on and on and on…sorry I just named so many and you probably got the point when I said “shopping mecca”…I just love shopping and it’s fun to name stores. Sorry. We did some shopping, my Mum and I bought matching V-Neck sweaters at Zara…they were $9.99 each!! We had to get as many as we could people!! Then, around 3:30 we decided to stop for a lunch before we’d have to get on the train and get to Boston University, which was the site of the Pioneer Woman event.

Did I mention that yesterday, in Boston around 8:07 PM was Game 6 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals? Oh no? Did I mention that Boston University, the site of the event is basically across the street from Fenway?? No? I didn’t? Hmmm….And ummm….did I mention that our President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama was in town for some reason yesterday as well?? (which I still do not know why, I should look that up…) Hold Please….. (I just Googled it…something about health care…or Republicans…or Mitt Romney…I don’t know, I skimmed…) Yeah, so…to say the least there was a lot of hustle and bustle going on in Boston yesterday. My Dad was already shaking his head at me that I had chosen to still go in the midst of all that hub bub. But, it was the GD Pioneer Woman people!!! And I had already bought her gummy lobsters for cripes sakes!!!

I’m sitting in my lovely leather booth at Joe’s American Grill after a delicious lunch and a delightful midday beer…when my phone rings. It’s an unknown number. 617 area code. That’s Boston. I have no idea who it could be. Maybe I left my wallet at Zara in the midst of the V-Neck sweater buying frenzy and they were calling to tell me! Thank God! I hate losing my wallet! What a pain!

“Hello?” I say with my loveliest voice. I like to sound as lovely as possible when I don’t know who’s calling me. “Hi. This is (whoever she was) from the Boston University Bookstore.” “Yes?” I say inquisitively. “Ree Drummond’s (The Pioneer Woman) publicist has decided because of the World Series and the President being in town that she would reschedule the book signing event tonight. It will possibly be rescheduled for early December…” she said. I know this is SO lame and you might stop reading TFC because of this next statement, but I got teary eyed. I was so disappointed. 😦 I choked up a bit and just said to (whoever she was) “Okay, thank you.” And hung up. I explained the situation to my Mum and she must have said, “I’m so sorry for you” about 17 times. She really did too, because she knew how disappointed I was. She could tell by all the sobbing and crying I was doing, I think… (just kidding, I didn’t sob or cry…there was just something in my eye…like dust…or a pebble…)

But, I remained positive. Because there was something better than meeting my new found Food Network Idol…hanging out with my awesome Mum for the day.

(And shopping wasn’t ALL bad either…)

This picture above was as close as I got to PW today. Came home and watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman…and cried some more. Just kidding. I never cried! (that much…)

I was, however, able to purchase the neon pink scarf that I’m wearing in the above picture, so that cheered me up.

So, we decided to get back on the road to avoid some traffic. But, we didn’t make it in time, we got ALL up in the Boston traffic…and there was lots more shrieks of terror and horrified grasps of the side handlebar by my Mum whilst I maneuvered my MINI Coop home from the big city. We noticed a lot of cars in Boston have a lot of scratches, scrapes and dents…wonder why…hey Boston, did you know that you have a wee bit of a traffic problem?? I don’t think that “Big Dig” was dug big enough. But, I still love you anyways Boston. You’re like the cool older sister of the Seacoast, who grows up and moves to the……(realizing this isn’t making much sense)….big city….

Got a delightful Pumpkin Spice Latte from the Starbuck on the way home. Mum says I DID say DECAF to the girl who took our order, but I don’t think I did. I think my Mum was just trying to make me feel better about screwing up our order. Thanks Mum.

Got home just in the nick of time to see my Niece and Nephew (aka Batman and Jasmine from Aladdin) Trick or Treating at our door. Silver lining. Right there.

BF had gone to the store and bought 90 pounds of candy. So, that’ll be calling my name for the next two weeks…

So, hang on my patient and spookily awesome Followers…I’ll meet The Pioneer Woman…Someday….There’s….a time for us…someday there’ll be a time for us….time together with time to spare, time to learn, time to care!!! SOMEDAY!!!! Sorry…broke out into a little Barbra Streisand. Who can say “someday” and not sing that?? Not this Chick.

Happy Halloween, y’all…I was tricked yesterday by PW…today, treated by having this moment with you. Awe….that was sweet, right? I mean it…YOU. COMPLETE. ME.

Heart you.

-Chick A

(Ree/PW, if you’re reading this…I thought about eating the gummy lobsters I bought you out of anger, but I didn’t. I couldn’t do that to you. See you in December.)

(I hate gummy candy. :P)

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