A TFC Admission: I’m the Grinch. I know it. I’m Sorry. I’m Working on it.




Yes, I know this picture isn’t of the Grinch. It’s another favorite Christmas Villain, Burgermeister Meisterburger.

Hello TFC Lovelies,

It’s been 6 days since I recounted the crazy day in which I did not meet the Pioneer Woman in Boston last week. Sorry for my disappearance. It’s been a crazy week and with the fall back time change, my internal clock was thrown all out of whack, so my usually never-ending creative juices were running unusually dry. (How does juice run dry? I don’t know…just go with it…)

But, I’m back and I hope you’ll forgive me for my absence and/or remember who I am…I’m Chick A and this is the Too Funny Chicks blog…remember?

It’s November now and with November comes the never-ending toy advertisements, commercials with Santa driving a Mercedes, reminders to put things on layaway (do people still do this?), those awful Folgers commercials where the son, Peter, comes home from college or somewhere and surprises his sisters and parents and wakes them all up by brewing coffee… oh my God, that kills me. I cry every time.

We’re hit smack in the face with the Holidays, whether we like it or not. This is why my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, well for many reasons…but mostly because it’s like the underdog. Everything’s all HALLOWEEN and then everything’s all CHRISTMAS!! What about Thanksgiving?? WHAT ABOUT THANKSGIVING!??

I’m gonna admit, over the past half-dozen years, I’ve become increasingly more and more of a Scrooge or a Grinch if you will…whichever Christmas hating children’s television character you prefer…

There was a time in my life that I loved Christmas. Everything about it. The planning, the shopping, the decorating, the baking, the writing of the lists…ALL of it. I used to start listening to carols the day after Thanksgiving like clockwork. Hell, I cried when I finally had to accept that Santa wasn’t real…at age 16. (True Story.) But my Mum explained that Santa was the “magic that lived within us” so I now choose to believe that. (But I’m not going to risk NOT putting out cookies on Christmas Eve because what if everyone is WRONG??!)

So, not to sound like Fantine from Les Miserables (if you get this reference, I love you, let’s be best friends…) but, I think that life has killed the dream I dreamed.

The holidays, for some reason, make a lot of people sad. There’s the memories of yesteryear and days past that are brought up a lot during the holidays…and I don’t know if it’s that we choose to surround ourselves completely with consumerism and the buy more, buy more mentality…but, I just feel like the mysterious haze of magic that used to surround the word “Christmas” is gone now, for me. My Mum has always said, “Christmas is what you make of it…” and I know she’s right…but I think I’m just disappointed that Christmas feels like more of a burden now than joyful and triumphant, like I know it should be. I get stressed easily and there’s a lot to stress about at the Holidays. I like the parts about family and wearing red sweaters and remembering the true meaning of Christmas…but I feel like in this day and age it’s all about one thing. What should I get for…….???

Listen, I love to shop. LOVE it. But Christmas shopping, when it’s a defined “Gotta Find Gifts for XYZ…” time, I do not like that…inevitably; I end up at my local Rite-Aid buying gift cards and chocolates on Christmas Eve Day. No one NEEDS anything. Everyone just buys what they want all year long. When I was a kid, there wasn’t “You’re at Target, so you can pick out a toy…” You got presents on your birthday, Christmas and maybe a little something in your Easter basket. So, it was easier to save up a “Wish List” all year long.

At our house, we literally have unopened items in our basement that the kids have yet to play with from LAST Christmas! So, we now should buy MORE stuff this Christmas to add to the pile? I don’t get it. What’s happened is, kids are playing less and less with actual toys and games and more and more on their tablets and PC’s and Kindles or Atari sets…or whatever the kids are doing these days…so, the days of buying Kerplunk or Twister feel over. It makes me kinda sad. Kids are all, “Can’t I just play Kerplunk on my laptop??” (They probably can…)

I make this list every year of all the people I have to buy gifts for. It’s pretty long. I mentioned in my blog about going to meet the Pioneer Woman that I was once told that my “love language” is buying gifts for people…so….it’s long…to say the least. Anyways, it’s constantly changing and growing and I’m adding up what things cost, I spent $25 on this person and $18 on this person, so I need to get this person a $7 present to make it even…blah blah blah. See? Stressful!! (By the way, these are just random gift valuations, thrown out at random…could be more, could be less…just sayin’…)

So…the reason I am writing this, I’m not just trying to be an a-hole about Christmas and bring everyone down with me…what I am mentioning all of this for is that I am REALLY going to try to be better this year…and I wanted to make a public proclamation. Here. On our blog.

I’m gonna take my green, furry outfit off and stop throwing my garbage on all the Who’s in Whoville. Try to reconnect with my once elf-like and egg-noggy self. (Except I do not like egg nog…it’s super gross…) Not sure how I’m going to do this yet, but I am going to really try. Okay?

Maybe I just won’t buy anyone presents…hahaha. Yeah right. I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Maybe I’ll just try to not get so stressed about it. Yeah, I’ll try that….

I think I can pin down the first ever reason why I started to dislike Christmas. It was when no one wanted to go Christmas Caroling anymore. We used to always go Christmas Caroling! (Always = childhood thru high school…not exactly “always”…)

Why don’t people ever go out caroling anymore? I want to carol. People never want to carol anymore.

Is it because they hate to sing?

Because it’s cold out?

Because they’re embarrassed?

Because they think their neighbors will be mad and throw rotten tomatoes at them?

Whatever the reason, let’s forget about it and bring back caroling. Let’s get together for one night of practice beforehand, make a song sheet with lyrics, plan the night, put some cozy and somewhat matchy outfits on (so we look like a group…) and go spread some GD holiday cheer people!!! Who’s with me??

Let’s start the “Coalition for the Resurrection of Christmas Caroling League”…is that a good name? C.F.R C.C.L….doesn’t really roll of the tongue…well, whatever, we can work on the name, but…if you’re reading this, wherever you live in the country or to my International readers (do we have any International readers?) think about being the head of a caroling brigade this holiday season. Whether you sing Christmas Carols or Hanukkah Carols or Kwanzaa Carols…maybe you just want to sing some Celine Dion or some Boyz II Men, I don’t know, let’s just get out there and sing…and spread some joy.

I’ll keep you updated on my efforts of being more like “Buddy the Elf” and less like “Burgermeister Meisterburger.” Maybe I’ll listen to “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” right now. It’s my favorite Christmas Carol.

Guess what else is my favorite? Smiling. I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.

See?? I’m already improving! 🙂

Alright, we’ll chat again soon. Pray for me. Pray that I can be joyful and triumphant once again about the holidays…

Heart you.

-Chick A


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