This blog may be more complaint-filled than humor-filled.  I apologize in advance but I have wanted to get this off of my chest for awhile now.

Hashtags are so dumb.  So dumb.  I’m sorry.  I know there are many of you reading this who use them, probably daily.  They are one of my biggest pet peeves (one of Chick A’s biggest pet peeves is the phrase “pet peeve”.  I like to use it a lot because of that.  She’s so silly.  She also hates the word silly.).

Here’s an example of some hashtags I see as I write this on my Instagram feed:

  • #repost (who cares?)
  • #bromance (really?)
  • #noonecuddlesbetterthannorman (I bet I do)
  • #tequila (yes please)
  • #stuffing (that could go so many ways)
  • #DWTS (I will never get over the popularity of this show.  That’s a whole other blog.)
  • #selfie (yea, we f’ing get it)

Isn’t the point of hashtags to be able to search by a topic?  Are there really a lot of pictures being posted that should filter into a search by #noonecuddlesbetterthannorman?  Are there so many amazing cuddlers named Norman in the world?  Are people really searching for them?

I used a hashtag the other day, #ifuckinglovepenne.  I wanted to see if anyone else in the world on Instagram was hashtagging their pic w/that caption.  Guess what?  No one was.  I guess no one else loves penne as much as I do.

I’ll stop my rant here.  I’ll leave the hashtagging to you kids.  This old lady #doesntgetit #thinkstheyredumb #likestoseewordsseparatedbyspaces #didispellseparateright?

-Chick E



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