What Do Swim-Up Pool Bars and Turkeys Have In Common?


They both make you tired. But, I don’t think alcohol has Tryptophan.

(I made up this joke, I think it’s pretty funny…)

HI!! How are you?? It’s been WAY too long!! I’m so excited to be talking to you again!

A few weeks ago, I thought about writing about the upcoming trip that I was going on, but I thought…this is 2013 and the age of creepy people on the internet looking for people who are writing blogs about going on vacation so that they can go to that person’s house and rob them is staggering, so I assume. So…my smart self told my stupid self to hold off on writing a blog about my trip until I got back. Chick E backed me up on this. Together, we’re wicked smart.

My bf and I spent a week in the Dominican Republic. We spent the week in the sun, on gorgeous canopy beds on the beach, sitting for hours at swim-up pool bars drinking things like Pina Coladas and Banana-Mamas. Sleeping. Eating. Laughing. Spa-ing. And saying this a lot, “Yeah, I’ll have another one.”

I actually wrote a blog, on this stuff called paper (pay-purr) while I was sitting quietly on our deck off our room one morning. I wrote about relaxing. Have you ever heard of this? I hadn’t. It’s when people just do nothing, do what they want, don’t stress about what they should be doing, go with the flow and just….enjoy….relax. (Ree-Laxx) Okay, I knew what it was, I had actually heard of it. Maybe in a movie or from a childhood story…or an article in Oprah Magazine. I just don’t ever do it. Even if I’m doing what some might see as “relaxing”, like watching a television program or reading a magazine…I’m not relaxing. I’m thinking about 904 other things. Sometimes, 924. Depending on the day. So, on this vacation, I decided to just do what I wanted to do. Not what I “thought” I should be doing. My “thinking” self tells me to go exploring, go snorkeling, horseback riding, touristing, maybe try golf, do yoga, go on a banana boat, go spelunking. JUST DO STUFF!

But, I told myself, “Self…just do what you want to do!!” And guess what I wanted to do? Nothing. Sit in the sun. Read. Sleep. Swim in the pool (not the ocean…my thinking self tells me I should swim in the warm and beautiful ocean in the Caribbean, but I didn’t really want to…) (I hate to say this, living in Maine and growing up at the ocean, but the ocean stresses me out…a lot…there’s so much going on in there. There’s undercurrent, waves, unknown creatures that I cannot see…and in Maine there’s ridiculous seaweed…not in the Dominican, but there is quite an undertoe and I was afraid I’d be swept out and my life would be turned into a Lifetime Movie, “Lost at Sea: The Chick A Story”…)(I hope I’d be played by Drew Barrymore…who’d have to gain weight for the role…sorry Drew…) So, I stayed in the large, clean, see-through pool…and listen…the ocean didn’t have a swim-up bar. You had to go to the beach bar yourself OR wait for a server to come to you on your lounge chair. Ugh. The hassle!

My days were filled with sleeping in, making delicious Dominican coffee in our room, trying my best to be quiet while my bf slept while I went out to the deck to read my People or Oprah Magazine. Then, packing my beach bag, walking to breakfast, claiming chairs for the day, swimming up to a bar, some days having to go to the spa for a massage or facial and then showering, putting a dress on, going to dinner and then we’d lay on an outdoor bed for a bit and look at the stars and go back to the room. That was about it. We did a lot of nothing. And, I LOVED it.

One night, the resort had this huge outdoor party which included a huge dance party (Have I ever mentioned my absolute adoration of dancing?? No? Well…I love me some dancing. Maybe one of the best reasons to get invited to a wedding. That…and the possibility of scallops wrapped in bacon (Refer to my blog about my love of bacon: http://wp.me/p317Rq-97) So, at this outdoor dance party…we had maybe had a couple (hundred) cocktails and they started shooting these huge cannon/gun things with foam in them. It was a foam party!! And, it was insane. Insanely AWESOME! I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t find my bf…at one point I inhaled some foam I think and almost passed out…I found my bf at one point and he looked like the abominable snowman!! It was hilarious. (He told me the funniest story the next morning about him trying to run and slide across the dance floor because he thought he’d be so slippery that he’d slide like a penguin in the North Pole (I think he’s seen “Happy Feet” one too many times…) but he didn’t slide at all…he just ran and threw his hands out in front of him and tried to slide on his chest, but no…just bam. No slide. That story kills me…)

Did you know that people do shots of Amaretto? Like, that’s a thing? I found that out. One day. In a pool. I found out many, many times.

I’m sure I’ll tell more stories of my vacation in the coming weeks, but for now, just wanted to say hi. I missed you. So much. Yeah, I’m talking to you. 😉

Thanksgiving is in two days! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And, one of my favorite things about it is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m literally obsessed.



That and other Thanksgiving topics will be the focus of my next blog…so get ready.

For now, wishing you an amazing Turkey Day. (Or Happy Assorted Vegetable Day if you’re Vegan or Vegetarian…or my Cousin who is debating banning turkey from her Thanksgiving plate because she saw a bunch of turkeys in the back of a truck the other day and was saddened by this…)

Heart you…and from all of us here at TFC (Me and Chick E) want you to know that we are thankful for you, our awesome followers.

Gobble, Gobble.

-Chick A



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