Adventures of Chick E & Chick A: More Like Black Monday At Target Today.

crazy ladies

Eventually, I believe, this is what we’ll look like in about 40 years. I’m in the passenger seat…because Chick E always drives us around…and I wear glasses…(However, I would NEVER be reading a map…maps and me….not friends.)

And this blog will be called, “Two Crazy Ladies”…

When Chick E and I are together, whether it’s at the mall, a restaurant, in her car (Like I said, I always make her drive…) at work or at Target or wherever…we undoubtedly are acting literally insane. We like to just yell at the top of our lungs sometimes, speak like we are 89 year old men that have smoked too many cigs, speak gibberish, just basically spaz out. We get on rolls about topics like fashion, the way people are and the fact that the funniest things that happen in our lives, we are unable to blog about. (We’d like to remain married, in relationships with those we love and also employed…)

Here is an example from today. We run out on our lunch break to Target, one of our favorite stomping grounds. The drive there we’re acting like our crazy, ridiculous, seemingly mentally unstable selves. (Not really seemingly) We park, get out of the car and we’re walking towards the entrance of the store….(Which reminds me of a hilarious bit by stand-up comedian great, Mitch Hedberg, talking about Target…He says, “I walked into Target, but I missed. I think the entrance to Target should have people splattered all around. And, when I finally get in, and the guy says, “Can I help you?” I’d say…”Just practicing.”)… there’s this car parked right up on the curb, very close to the entrance of Target, very weird…and Chick E says loudly, “WHO PARKS LIKE THIS???” And there’s an older woman standing in the door and I could tell it was her car and I nudge Chick E and say, “I think she’s right there…” and the woman says to Chick E’s question….”I DO!” The older woman went on to explain that her husband was bringing out something large to put into the car. I hurriedly tried to get away from the uncomfortable situation muttering out loud, “She doesn’t get out much, sorry….”, whilst Chick E grabbed onto me in horror…we walked towards the back of the store as quickly as we could, but it took a few minutes for the awkwardness to stop following us. And then we laughed. We laughed so hard. Only us. If she hadn’t have said that, I probably would’ve because that’s what we do. We’re literally idiots.

We’re somewhat close to being these two…just A LOT cuter.


I told Chick E after, “Thank God that was a nice older woman and not some bitchy 25 year old from the wrong side of the tracks that would’ve tried to kick your ass and then me, being all protective AND bigger would’ve had to fight her. It would’ve been a mess! (I would have won of course, but still…I’m a lover, not a fighter…)


So, we’re going to work on keeping at least SOME of our thoughts in our heads, at least, in public. I mean, we want people to “Like Us” on Facebook AND in the real World, right??

Heart you and heart you, Chick E, I’ll always get in a fight with an old lady for you… 😉

-Chick A


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