Where Are You, Funny Chicks? Why Can’t We Find You? Why Have You Gone Away?


We’re still here and we love you.

We’re just busy buying every single one of you amazing presents for Christmas, so with 52 Followers….we’re EXHAUSTED!

We’ve also been learning how to play the guitar which is grueling…as you can see in the picture above…

Please, keep loving us and know that we’ll be back shortly with new hilarious conversations about inane things.

Maybe even sooner than you think……nodding head slowly and making a face like I’d be saying, “You know what I’m talking about….”

For now, catch up on all our old posts, they’re filled with laughter, love, tears and joy. No, really they’re mostly filled with complaining. But, complaining can be funny…

Happy Holidays, y’all.

We Heart You.

-The Chicks

P.S. Please reread the subject line, but sing it in the tune of “Where are you Christmas?” by Faith Hill. Thank you.


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