Perfect in 2014

Chick A and I were out gallivanting at lunch the other day, doing what we do best…harassing people at Target, eating Kit-Kat minis and burritos, and theorizing what would happen if I randomly drove my car into someone else’s (we like to think about absurd things like that and how they would go down), when we started talking about all of the shit we were going to stop or start doing come January.  Here’s a sampling:

  • stop eating sugar (more to come on this topic)
  • start going to the gym…every day (ummm, really?)
  • stop shopping (this one just makes me laugh)
  • volunteer more (or at all)
  • solve world hunger
  • read more books (only if our iPhones break)
  • blog every day

The list went on and on.  We really should have had a notebook with us.  I’ll add that to the list…”carry a notebook”.

So get ready people.  We’re hitting 2014 and we’re hitting it hard.  We are going to be thinner, smarter, funnier, taller, and you’re going to get to read all about it.  Come along for the ups and downs.  We can’t wait to share

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year!!  I hope you all have an equally impressive list of things you intend to fail at next year.  :/  Kidding!!  I know you all have way more willpower than we do.

-Chick E



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