For the 38th Time, I’m Saying…”This Will Be MY Year!!”

mr perfect

One week into 2014 and I’ve been ramping up my efforts to once again, have my New Year’s Resolution come true…which, of course is:

Become The World’s Most Perfect Person!

First off: Lose the Freshman 15. Find some balance in my life of losing weight. I’m not really someone who knows a lot about “moderation”. I use quotes because I’m not yet convinced this is an actual “thing”. In most everything I do, if I’m gonna do it, I have two levels…150% or less than zero percent. A negative percentage level. So, I’ll be working on this.

The Rat Pack. No, this has nothing to do with Sammy, Frank, Dean or any of those guys. It’s about finally saying goodbye to my 8th Grade Science Project and finally coming to terms with my office supply issues. Or maybe people might say that my love of knick knacks and chotchkies could use some paring down. So, my other quest this year is to SIMPLIFY my life.

Make All My Dreams Come True.

There’s things I want to do. You know, like dreams. Like, I want to perform again. I used to be all up in musical theater and drama and singing in front of people. I love to sing and perform. I’m a hell of a juggler, by the way. So, I’d like to make it a goal this year to, at the very least, go to an Open Mic Night somewhere and sing my ever-loving heart out. I’ll let you know when that happens, so you can come and throw tomatoes at me. I also have always dreamed of owning my own restaurant. This is tougher to achieve, I’ve heard it’s a costly venture, so I might need to save up a few hundred dollars first, but I could at least start making some plans, you know, on paper. Even if it’s just in baby or perhaps toddler steps, I’m gonna take some steps. (Baby’s don’t even take steps, why do we say this?)

Here’s some other goals on my Road to Absolute Perfection:

*Read More: (First figure out how to eliminate horrible, focus-killing A.D.D.)

*Send More Cards: People love getting cards in the mail for no reason. You do, right? Send me your address, I’ll put you on my list.

*Say Yes More: Have you ever seen the movie, “Yes Man”? I need this kind of therapy. Jim Carrey plays a guy who cannot say no to anyone. And he learns a lot and has a great time in the process. I’m looking into this.

*Become a One a Night Drinker: Remember how I was talking about moderation before? Yeah, well…I don’t just have this problem with food. I either don’t drink for 6 months or in one night drink the equivalent of drinks you should have in 6 months.

*Realize that I’ll never be Perfect: I know, I know. It’s what you’ve all been thinking this whole blog. I know. I’ve accepted and love my imperfections, BUT, still always want to strive to be better. That’s okay, right?

So, here we go…the beginning of my 38th year. I’m gonna kick ass this year. Or…at least blog about my failed attempts at kicking ass this year. Whichever.

*Think More Positively: Yeah, Yeah. 😛

Heart you, you patient and totally perfect in every way Followers.

-Chick A


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