Crazy Things That Happen To Me: Volume 1.


Today I was home sick. Stomach Problems.  I won’t say more. And I had to run to the store for something. When I was out, I passed a gold Toyota Camry, exactly like a car I once had. It took me a second to process what I was seeing, but on the side mirror of this car was an object. It was a purse. A purse hanging off the side mirror. Outside the car. And driving the car, was a little lady…who was probably in the vicinity of 87 years old. Sittin’ low and driving slow. With her purse, that for some reason, she had decided to hang on her side mirror, flying around in the cold New England wind. She wasn’t going too fast, so, she had that on her side.

I felt so sad. If that cute little old lady lost her entire purse, she would be so sad. She probably has pictures of great-grandkids and maybe some important pills in there, hidden in a gorgeous, gold pill box. And maybe a comb she got from her Mother when she was 16. I couldn’t bare for her to lose her purse. So, I turned around as quickly as I could. I wanted to catch up with her. But, what was I going to do?? Beep?? (Refer to my last blog entry about car honking here.)

I was trying to think quick, I could flash my lights maybe….I’m sure she wasn’t going THAT far, I could just follow her. I was stressed. What if it fell off and went all over the road? What if she thought I was a crazy person? My turn around had put me a couple minutes behind her, but I assumed she was still driving slow and I drive like Danica Patrick, so I’d easily catch up to her. But, I had a slow caravan with those sticker families on the back window and a red light that hindered my saving the day.

After about 10 minutes of trying to find my little old lady with the purse on her side mirror, I decided I had to give up and I soothed my guilt thinking that the leather strap on the side mirror and the weight of the bag made it hold on until she got to her destination. And when she got out of her car, she had a good laugh.

At least, that’s what I’m going to assume happened.

Hope you’re identity is safe tonight, cute little old lady.

Heart you Phyllis…..or Audrey,

-Chick “Superwoman” A


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