This Just In: Chick E’s Destroying Everything In Her Path!!!

I can’t remember if I’ve spoken about my OCD on TFC before, but it’s pretty bad. Like Monica from Friends bad. I don’t like to leave shoes out just willy nilly in my living room at night. I like to wipe my kitchen sink down after every use, when I leave my house in the morning, I do this weird check of every room as if a burglar was going to break in and judge me for leaving my water glass on my bedside table.

Chick E knows this. She knows this very well. She’s got her own special level of OCD, ummm…hello…. do you recall a blog called, “Ugh I Just Vacuumed There!” or how about, “Update to: Ugh I Just Vacuumed There!”??

Chick E hasn’t been sleeping. It’s been about 6 months since this new man came into her life and has been keeping her up late every single night. No, it’s not what you’re thinking, get your mind out of the gutter. Geez people. It’s her son, who fortunately for him is ridiculously adorable because his anti-sleep life has started peeling away at my BFF’s layers. Her crazy layers.

Today, she literally told me that she was going to “do something bad today”, like she was prepared to bring havoc into someone’s life today because she was just exhausted and in that kind of mood….little did I know, her victim would be me…

On my desk at work, I have a cute little jar that I’ve put Maine beach sand and some tiny little shells in…and she decided today that she couldn’t stand seeing them trapped in there anymore…I didn’t get the first couple of pictures where she slowly began to pour the sand out onto my desk…

But, she got this far before I could no longer react:


She thought she was so funny:



Then I said, “You need to put every single grain of sand back in there!!”

And she did…


My stress level was at a 28 out of 3. The scale was 1 to 3, by the way. It was a short, but intense scale.


I knew she’d leave some behind, to scratch up my desk and for me to find for weeks to come…


This entire sequence she was laughing so hard, I’m glad my over the top, obsessive compulsive stress could bring her so much joy…


Like I said, there were tiny shells and things in there too, so she had to place those back in nicely too..I think she got it all back in there….


Moral of this story….sometimes you have to deal with a lot of bullshit from the people that you love.

You have to allow yourself to be tormented so that in whatever manner deemed necessary at the time you can bring your loved ones some needed happiness. This was a real test of our friendship…and I think we’re okay. I think. I have a magnifying glass and some white gloves to bring into work tomorrow. If I find ONE grain!!!!!

I hope and pray that you’ll get some much deserved and much needed sleep some night soon, Chick E….and can you please remember that there are many other people that would be WAY better to try to take your exhausted frustrations out on besides me?? Like, maybe your hubby or my bf or pretty much anyone else we work with…or the guy who invented the Paleo Diet….or the person that invented the “gym” or people that have those sticker families on the back of their cars…I’ll keep thinking about who else would be good, but for now, that’s a good start.

Heart you, you especially Chick E,

-Chick A


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