I Just Don’t Care About Your Boobs. Sorry.


Social media can be a wonderful thing.  It’s great for keeping in touch with family in friends.  It’s a good place to find funny pictures of cats.  It’s where I get most of my news these days (albeit most of these “news” stories are probably not real).  All great reasons to be on social media.

It also seems to be crazily packed with women sharing lots of stories and pictures and things about breastfeeding.

Breast feeding is lovely.  Boobs are great.  I have them.  I’ve done it.  Boys like them…a lot.  But I have to be honest.  I just don’t care about anyone else’s journey through breastfeeding.  I really don’t, and I think most people don’t.  Unless you’re posting pictures of your boobs.  In which case, boys care, a lot.

Does this make sense?  It’s like, why are women who breastfeed all up in your face with it?  I mean, I get it.  That’s a thing that people do.  Some do it for a few weeks, some a few years.  Guess what?  Some women don’t do it at all.  AND THAT’S OK.

This is where social media gets a little painful.  People begin to buy into what they’re reading when everyone just needs to be OK with themselves and the choices they make for their family.  I mostly formula fed both of my kids.  And they’re still alive.  And cute.  And smart.  And (seemingly) well adjusted.  I know only time will tell.  Maybe when they’re 16 and 12 they’ll run away because they’re so distraught at having only been breastfed for 10 and 12 weeks.  I don’t know.  I’m not a psychic.  I wish I were a psychic.  Can we discuss that lady the Long Island Medium?  Do we believe that woman?  Maybe she’s not a psychic.  Is she a medium?

I digress.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about this group of women who really are all “Don’t be embarrassed!  Show off your boobs!  Throw away your cover-up!  We’re here, we’re breastfeeding, get used to it!”.  (This is a serious question) Do breastfeeding women face a lot of discrimination?  I honestly never felt weird about it.  But, I will say, I always covered myself up.  I could have 7 kids, and if I were breastfeeding the 7th, I’d still cover up.  Because again, I don’t care about your boobs, so I have to assume you don’t care about mine. It isn’t because I think it’s obscene or unnatural.  I just don’t need people I don’t know seeing my boobs.  End of story.

Doesn’t this seem like a fight the boys should be having?  Like this would be their soapbox?  “All hail the boob!  Let them hang out everywhere!”.

Feed your kids whatever you want.  That’s what I’m doing.  Nate just drank a six pack…of Enfamil.

Now go find a boob to hug.  They deserve it.  Those things get put through the wringer.

-Chick E

PS. This is sort of the definition of what I’m talking about with people being all up in your face with their personal choices, but I’d like to lend a voice to the other side.  Not too many women are all “I’m formula feeding and I’m amazing!”.  I’m formula feeding and I am amazing.  So there.



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