Hurt Couture. Does Band-Aid Brand Have Fashion Week?

I sliced a bit of, I guess, deemed unnecessary skin off my thumb last night whilst slicing up sweet potatoes.

Thought I’d share my “Hurt Couture”…

Started off with a Bounty Select-A-Size paper towel and some Scotch tape. (And some Scotch on the Rocks.) (No, just kidding.) (It was Vodka.)  I think I have more blood than others, it just wouldn’t stop!


 By bedtime, I was ready to move onto a more respectable bandage…


Today at work, I stayed diligent about changing out my bandage. But, I guess Corporate America isn’t aware of the wide World of bandages out there. So, I had to improvise…


When I got home and started to make dinner, I don’t know if it was the trauma I was remembering from the night before when the slice occurred or if it was the fact that I had taken off my “business” bandage to let my abrasion get some air, but I was having a hard time cutting tomatoes. So, I needed another bandage. (I didn’t want to get tomato seeds in my cut!)

So, for this next one, I traveled across the pond. To London, to be exact. I purchased some “Plasters” from Heathrow Airport on our way home from Scotland this summer.

So…my “Hurt Couture” truly has an International Flair!


 (By the way, that’s a character called “Mr. Bump” from an awesome kids series of books called “Mr. Men and Little Miss.” If you have young kids, get these!! They are AWESOME! Check it out here:

Tomorrow, I’ve got some “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” and “Dora the Explorer” bandages ready to be styled on my damaged thumb. Ooh La La.

Regular Bandages are so last season.

Heart you, kisses on both sides of your cheeks with a Muah, Muah!

-Chick A


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