Oh, TFC Does Giveaways Now??? YUP.


Happy Friday from Too Funny Chicks!

Guess what?? We’re having our first ever RAFFLE!!

Check the Rules:

Skip over to Facebook, ever heard of it? And check out our Facebook Page and click the LIKE button on the Too Funny Chicks Page on Facebook by next Friday AND comment on the Facebook post that is explaining this raffle as well. You have to give us a topic of something you’d like us to talk about. No, we haven’t run out of ideas yet! Relax. We just want to hear what you’d like to see us go on and on about. If you do these two things, you’re name will be entered into our raffle!!

We’ll choose one of our LIKER’s names at random (A very complicated Excel algorithm) next Friday the 31st of January…and the lucky guy or gal is gonna win something super cool! (Yes, we’re trying to buy our friends….so??)

So shout out in the comments section on Facebook  a topic you’d like to hear exploited by TFC. And LIKE the Too Funny Chicks Facebook Page, get your friends to LIKE US, your Dentist, your ex-boyfriend’s sister, your Mom’s friend that wants you to call her your “Auntie”, whoever. Because this secret prize ain’t nothin’ to shake a $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon at. Wait. What? Crap.

Good Luck.

Heart you, even if you lose,

-The Chicks


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