It’s A Very Hairy Situation…


When we asked you, our Followers (Or maybe I should call you our “Readers”? “Followers” sounds kinda negative…?) Anyways, when we asked you to give us some shout outs of ideas for things to write about, the very first one we got was, “Hairy Legs”. So, I am going to carefully, yet honestly write about hairy…..legs.

I will ask my counterpart, Chick E, to please submit a rebuttal to this tomorrow. I would like both opinions to be represented for our awesome Reader who asked for this topic to be spoken about at length. (Is there a pun there?)

Hairy Legs.

First off, I’d like to say that my Grandmother didn’t have to shave a day in her life. She had no leg, arm or facial hair to speak of. I, did not get this amazing gene handed down to me, unfortunately.

Alright, what’s the question here? Is it okay for a woman to have leg hair or Hairy Legs? I have a long answer which starts with “Yes” and a short answer that starts with “No”.

Like everything in life, to each his or her own. This is your decision to make. So, if leg hair is cool to you, if you want to be with someone and that someone doesn’t care or likes it, sure, go for it. Who am I to deny you saving money on razors?

For me, this is how I feel. Two days. Two days is what I try to stick to. I like the feeling too much of super bare legs in my jeggings. Just kidding, I don’t wear jeggings. But, in my jeans….or leggings….I feel sexier. I feel cleaner. I feel more put together. But, is this just society telling me that this is what is expected of me? Maybe. But, that doesn’t mean I like it any less.

I won’t go to get a pedicure unless the timing is right on a leg shave. It has to be Day 2 post shave. It can’t be Day 1 of shave because if you go to a place that does either A. salt/sugar scrub or God forbid, B. hot stone massage….on Day 1 of shave, you’ll want to die. Literally. You gotta wait for Day 2.

Funny/Insane story. I lived in Florida at the time. I haphazardly stopped for a pedicure somewhere, but as I was getting out of my car, I realized, I was at like Day 4!!! (Obviously had broken my lifelong two day rule, I said I “try” I didn’t say I was a robot.) This was NOT good. I don’t want anyone to see that! So, guess what I do…I go to CVS, buy a crap disposable razor and a travel size tube of body lotion (not shaving cream) and a bottle of water. I sit in the driver’s side seat with my legs out the door and shave my legs. Quickly….

I go into the nail spa and I am escorted to my chair and I sit in my seat. Ahhh….the warm water and the jets feel delightful. A middle-aged man of Vietnamese decent comes over and starts in on my pedi. All the sudden, I see him, with a look of horror on his face, raise up his hand with blood all over it. I was ridiculously mortified beyond belief. I could read his thoughts, they were something like, “I’m gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!” So, I had to tell him what I had done. I don’t think it made him feel better though. Not that he was speaking to me all that much before this bloody incident, but now he triple latex gloved himself and finished the job without one more word.

Okay, back on track. I think there’s a lot a women can do and not do to make herself feel pretty and good about herself and I think for most people, a clean shave both on your legs and in the pits of your arms, is key. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but I do truly think it’s worth the effort. Single, married, newlywed, 50 years in…whatever the case may be. I do believe that keeping yourself (your WHOLE self…groomed and tidy is important) (When I said WHOLE self, I was giving you an eyebrow raise and a look like, “Catch my drift??” Did you see that? It’s not just about your legs and pits ladies….AND men…..)

Men…ummm…unless you are an aquatic athlete or professional cyclist, I don’t think you should shave your legs. Unless it’s like Harry and the Henderson’s bad and maybe you need a trim, but other than that I think you’re cool with it. Unless, you like it shaved or your love muffin likes it shaved, then, again, who am I to judge? Hot wax that off like Steve Carrell in 40 Year Old Virgin for all I care. Ahhhh!!! Kelly Clarkson!!! Pits on men, on the other hand, I do feel like those can get out of control and could use and occasional snip snip. Again, keep it tidy.

Listen, like I said, in everything in life, do whatever the hell you want to do. I don’t care. I’m still going to love you and braid your ever-loving leg hair if you want me to at our next Girl’s Night. No, I won’t really. I’m not that kind of person. But, if two day is my rule and your rule is more like, “Never shaving again so help me God”, cool. Rock that leg hair sister.

However, I want to leave on a serious note. If you choose to shave,  NEVER, I mean NEVER use a crappy razor. I honestly have found the BEST razors EVER are the ones that men use. I use the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. It vibrates (relax…) and it works like a dream. A really awesome dream.

Heart you, thanks for the idea Reader. You’re a gem…and I mean that.

-Chick A



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