Deep Thoughts On Leg Hair, By Chick E


Chick A asked that I post a rebuttal to her hairy scary leg blog.  Since a rebuttal is a contradiction and I don’t plan on contradicting, I’m just going to post my thoughts.  On leg hair in general.  This should be interesting.

Grace has seen me shave my legs in the shower and often asks “Why?”.  I don’t know how to answer her other than saying “just because”.  It’s made me stop and think about it a bit  more than I probably would normally.  But really, why?  Who decided one day that women should not have hair on their legs?  Can one of you get on doing some research on that?

Do I like shaving my legs?  Not really.  It’s a pain.  My shower is a standalone shower and it doesn’t have a bench in it so I have to sort of hover my leg to shave it.  It’s a very serious balancing act that goes on.  When I was pregnant it was downright dangerous.  But I power through, because although I think shaving is a huge inconvenience, I totally agree with Chick A that my legs feel amazing once it’s done.

Every two days?  Nope.  Not this kid.  Sorry.  :/  Who has that sort of time?  I’m lucky to take a shower every two days.

Here is when you will find me shaving my legs:

  1. Summertime – probably almost every day
  2. Appointment that day with my OB – um, of course
  3. If I plan on going to the gym – thankfully this is currently a rare occurrence
  4. If I just feel like it

One time, my childhood BFF and I were playing at her house when we came across some Nair.  Everyone remember Nair?  Is Nair still around?  It was this hair removal cream, so instead of shaving, you supposedly rubbed this toxic cream on your legs and it just, what, melted? burned? the hair off of your legs.  What a concept.  Anywho, we thought it was some sort of newfangled shampoo and for whatever stupid reason we started washing our hair with it.  Thankfully the babysitter came upon us before it was too late.  Although let’s be honest, that stuff probably wouldn’t have done a damned thing.  People really will buy anything.

Hairy legs, silky smooth legs, I don’t care.  I still love you all.

-Chick E


2 responses to “Deep Thoughts On Leg Hair, By Chick E

  1. Nair does work, a friend from HS once used some to “prep” for a romantic evening with her then boyfriend. The only hot stuff going on that night was the chemical burn she induced from leaving it on a bit too long…


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