Chick A: Not A Good Candidate for Book Club President.

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I want to start by saying that I am not illiterate.

I am reading and writing this blog, aren’t I?

But, I cannot read. This is the truth. I have read very few books in my lifetime because I have the attention span of baby flea. A small for it’s age, baby flea. I want to read SO badly. I buy books often actually. I love buying them. I feel smart and hip and like a “thinker” when I buy books, mostly “Used-Very Good” books on Amazon for like a penny plus shipping. It’s crazy, how are they making any money??

In high school, I used to have the same exact routine in English class when a book was assigned.

First, take a sheet of paper and put the total number of pages in the book at the top, divided by how many days I had to read the book = how many pages I had to read per day. Then, when I hadn’t read any in 3 days, I’d have to do the calculation all over again….and every few days, I’d be working harder on my math skills than my reading comprehension skills. Until, it was the night before I needed to have the book completed, I hadn’t read any pages at all and I would go to a local store that sold “Cliff Notes” (If you don’t know, these are books that quickly summarize an entire book) and I would purchase it and just barely skim that. I had every book on Cliff Notes in High School.

As an adult, I’ve tried to join book clubs with friends and family and even have suggested it myself to my “reader” friends and family members and then always always disappoint them. When they were like, “What did you think?” I’d have to be all, “I didn’t do it….” (Sorry Dee.)

So, right now, I have a book about the love affair and long marriage of Julia and Paul Child. I have always been very interested in Julia and then after seeing the movie “Julie and Julia” became very interested in their marriage as well. They seemed so darling. By the way, I have two comments about that movie. One: That was the best and worst movie. The Julie part was the worst and the Julia part was the best. And two: That movie was about a woman who started a blog to just tap into her creative side and became famous by it.

(Sound like anyone you know??) (Oh no? Me neither. :/)

So, back on track….See??? I have no focus!!! I’m like a Jack Russell Terrier that hasn’t had any training!!

I have that book, “My Life in France” on my bedside table and I just dust it once a week. Along with probably 30 other books on my bookshelf that I’ve never touched.

So, to all you “readers” out there, what can I do? How can I become like you? Like, “literate“?

Hoping you can teach me your ways. And thinking I’ll take this feeling and run with it today, run to my book, pick it up and……ummmmm………wait, what’s it called?? Uhhh… it! That’s it.

Heart you, you “readers”….

-Chick A

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3 responses to “Chick A: Not A Good Candidate for Book Club President.

  1. I feel compelled to comment as I asked for this topic : ) and for a specific reason, I’m not a huge reader of books due to lack of time and I’m always curious as to what books spark people’s interest – kind of a short cut to what book could I one day add to my list without going into a library or bookstore and spending hours trying to choose something. Your reponse Chick A reminded me of my summer reading program experience, I received this long list of books I should read over the summer before entering the 6th grade. First of all, why would you serve a child such a form of a prison sentence over the summer! When would I possibly find the time to read all these books? Maybe there were 10 to 20, I don’t remember as I try to block this memory entirely : ) I think this experience ruined me forever and I’ve since been turned off by books. The only sort I’m somewhat attracted to are non-fiction, and the list is short – mountaineering expeditions, nature writings (-John Muir), science topics (authors – Stephen Hawking, Michael Green, Darwin). I do enjoy shorter reads, for instance blogs Like Too Funny Chicks : ), or cooking chronicles like Cooks Magazine.
    Thanks for your funny response, loved it!


  2. I enjoyed this post very much. I’m a big reader and I do find I encounter these issues as well, i find solace in books,I run to them when I need to De-stress and get away from technology for a while. do think the most important thing is to find a book that captivates your interest (i generally take a little time to read the first 5 pages or skip to the middle and read a few pages from there to see if I might find the book engaging). It may be small–it may be large….once you open a book, do a quick reading of a few pages and it captivates you, then its smooth sailing from there on. 🙂 best of luck 🙂


    • Thanks @sjpalmerwriter for the comment and for reading and following our blog! That’s a really good idea. To read a little before I really invest my time. It’s kinda like the gym, I don’t really want to go, but once I do, I love it. Same with reading. It’s just that initial push to “get there” or “open the book”….

      You’re awesome and thanks again for the tips on “Learning to Read”…. 🙂

      -Chick A


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