The Chicks Review The Olympics: Part One


Disclaimer, we are not actually reviewing what has been happening in the Olympics, mostly just discussing at length some of the “sports”.

Chick A and I were at the gym today (Pick your jaws up off the floor people.  It happens every now and again. Once, during a crazy time in 2011, it happened almost every day!).  The Olympics were playing on the TVs in there which led to an in depth discussion of a few sports in particular.

The Luge:

I’m sorry…isn’t this just sledding?  Here is the criteria for luging (God that looks weird):

  • Lying down
  • Holding on tightly

That’s it.  I think that’s all it takes.  I mean, you just lay down on a sled and the ice does all of the work, right?


When did sweeping become a sport?  Because let me tell you, if it is, I’m due about 352 gold medals.  Here is the criteria for curling:

  • Sliding a stone on ice
  • Fast walking carefully in cleats on ice
  • Sweeping

There are more but let’s just discuss these two for today.  This can be a “Winter Olympics Series”.

How does one become a professional curler?  Is there some innate love of sweeping that just can’t be held in anymore?  Where do you practice?  Where do you get that curling stone?  Is it in fact called a curling stone?  Is the big dream for curlers to be one day sponsored by Swiffer?

How does one become a professional luger?  Is “luger” in fact a word?  Do you just get really really good at sledding?  What if you grow up in Florida?  Are you just destined to never achieve your goal of being a professional luger?  What are they chatting about in the locker room after a bad run?  Is it like “UGH, I SHOULD HAVE STAYED FLATTER!”.

We will surely be criticized for our lack of understanding of these two “sports”.  How about this…we’ll do some more research and do a follow up.  With actual facts.  Chick A thinks we need to do that.  So…maybe.

Love you Olympians.  All of you.  Even the Lugers and Curlers.  Don’t be mad.  We’re (mostly) just kidding.

-Chicks A&E (Like the TV station)


2 responses to “The Chicks Review The Olympics: Part One

  1. What about the bobsled? That seems like an awfully little sled for 4 big guys! And just, what exactly, are they doing in that sled when they are going down the shute, huh?


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