TFC Unleashes: Guilty Pleasures Edition.


One of my BFFs, Wikipedia says that a “Guilty Pleasure” is defined as:

Something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes.

I hereby declare this post as a Trading Post of relinquishing your guilty pleasures. Let’s just put ’em out there. Let ’em go. Say, I know I am a good, smart, rational person, but this is what I really like. Let’s put our insecurities about what others will think of us and unleash our guilt and be honest about what “weird” thing really brings us joy…who’s with me??

Here’s mine….


Deep breath.

Mine is, by far………….QVC. I LOVE it. (I have seen HSN a couple times and it doesn’t compare to QVC. I feel as though, QVC is to HSN as Walt Disney World is to Six Flags.) It’s a somewhat new love of my life. Started watching it maybe 6 months ago or so….and I am hooked. It’s honestly like my form of anxiety medicine. I don’t watch it so much that it’s affecting my life, no, but because I have probable undiagnosed A.D.D., watching something like home shopping where they focus on one thing for like an hour and go over and over and over every single detail of a product, it’s so incredibly and unbelievably soothing to me. It’s not like some detective show that gives me anxiety or some drama show that makes me sad. It’s just…completely relaxing. It sucks me in and there is no thinking required.

My favorite segment, “In the Kitchen with David”…the host, my favorite, is this large stature, super happy guy that could probably sell ketchup popsicles to a woman in white gloves. (I stole that from somewhere…) Just the way they demonstrate the products, whether it be the way they show you all the things this veggie chopper can do or the way you can wear this cardigan….oh….I just love it.


I was fairly ashamed of my guilty pleasure for a while, but then I came out to a few close loved ones, like Chick E…(Who hasn’t yet been able to understand my affection for home shopping…) and now, I’m coming out to the World. Or, all 100+ people that I believe read this blog.

I know, when you hear about home shopping television, you think, ugh, I can’t believe you like watching that, what are you 82? But, seriously, if you would just give it a chance….I really feel like you might like it. You gotta watch at the right time. I don’t like watching ones about jewelry or Bose Sound Systems, but “In the Kitchen with David” or “Isaac Mizrahi Live!” Oh yeah. I heart it so much.

And just so you know, to make you feel better about my guilty pleasure, I’m not buying everything and becoming a candidate for another show called, “Hoarders”… I don’t buy anything. (Sorry QVC) I sometimes really want to, but I don’t. Someday I might, but I haven’t yet. It’s just so relaxing to me to watch.

Alright, your turn. What is something you love, but feel guilty about loving?

Come on, don’t leave me alone in this. Let your freak flag fly.

What is YOUR Guilty Pleasure? Maybe it’s cheesy romance novels or watching Full House or loving Barry Manilow or Barry Williams (Greg from the Brady Bunch)….Stand up and shout it from the mountain tops and don’t care who knows! (And if your GP is also QVC, let’s be friends.)


Heart you, no matter what or who you love,

-Chick A

One response to “TFC Unleashes: Guilty Pleasures Edition.

  1. Too funny, when you wrote – and if your GP is also QVC – I thought you were meaning General Practioner and not Guilty Pleasure, both are equially hilarous!


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