Mother Nature: Antarctica Called, She Wants Her Weather Back


This blog is dedicated to my and Chick A’s new favorite movie Frozen.

Chick E’s Take…

It’s frigid out there these days.  Shouldn’t March be the start of things turning around?  I know that we are all sick of people bitching about the weather, but I don’t care.  I need to vent.  Because let me tell you, being stuck inside all winter with two kids is a real treat (will someone please invent a sarcasm font already??).

I feel like as co-owner of this blog I am free to write whatever I want, and as our followers you have to read it, so I’m going to complain even though no one cares but everyone agrees.  Or maybe some of you don’t agree.  Maybe some of you never want winter to end.  If you are one of those people, please stop following us.  We don’t like your kind here.  (I’m kidding, for the love of God I’m kidding.  Don’t leave us!  We’re so needy.)

It’s one thing to deal with the snow, but then to throw constantly below freezing temperatures on top is just mean.  Maybe I’d be more interested in playing outside if my boogers didn’t freeze to my upper lip the second they ran out of my nose.  So instead, we all stay stuffed inside, watching TV (don’t judge – there’s nothing left to do inside!  It’s March, we’ve done it all!).  And we all get sick.  Because we are all stuffed inside passing germs back and forth like a MD 20/20 among high school girls.

So enough already, OK Mother Nature?  Or should I be yelling at Father Winter?  Grace thinks it’s the weather man’s fault.  Maybe it is.  Screw you Josh Judge. And for Chick A in Maine, screw you Roger Griswold.

Chick A Steps Up to the Soap Box

I truly do believe that winter has a kind of novelty at first. It’s chilly nights and dreaminess of the first snow and you almost feel a bit more love in your heart as you curl up with your children or dog (or God forbid cat) or a good book on the couch and feel almost a fun “trapped” feeling while the snow is piling up outside. But then, over time, as the snow mounts so high that you have to just gun it out of your driveway because the snow banks on either side are so high, you can’t see if traffic is coming, so every morning you wonder, “Is this going to be the morning that I need a tow truck?” You just start feeling a little less love in your heart and a bit more anger and resentment. Asking your loved ones, “WHY DO WE LIVE HERE??” And constantly saying things like, “IT’S SO F*&%ing COLD!!!” “WHY IS IT SO COLD???” “I HATE THE WINTER!!!”

It’s bad. I know, it becomes annoying to even hear people complain about the cold. We ALL get it, it’s cold out. I know! I’m annoyed with myself! But, it’s just…why DO we live here?? It’s so f&^%ing COLD!!

So Thank God for the movie Frozen. I mean, what else would we want to watch when it’s freezing outside, snow piled as high as the eye can see and ice dangling from every surface? A movie where people are freezing outside, snow is piled as high as the eye can see and there’s ice dangling from every surface.

BUT….the difference is, our lives, here, in the bitter reality of New England and beyond, are not set to amazing music that makes you laugh, cry and just feel a little bit of that love blooming inside again…

Once again, my point is proven…life SHOULD be a musical.

Oh yeah, screw you Antarctica. Take it back!!

Heart you, (Except for you, Josh Judge and Roger Griswold)

-The Chicks



5 responses to “Mother Nature: Antarctica Called, She Wants Her Weather Back

  1. Chick A – Really, curled up on the couch with a book? Do by book you mean ‘People Magazine’?
    What are the odds that a blog will be written in mid-August titled ‘Mother Nature; The Sahara Desert called, it want’s it’s heat back’.?


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