Is Chick E Still Alive????

Hello!  It’s me, Chick E, and yes, yes I am.  I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.

Here is how the last month of my life has gone:

  • N gets sick
  • G gets sick
  • I get sick
  • G gets sick
  • I get sick
  • N gets sick
  • I get sick
  • G gets sick
  • N gets sick

It’s really strange.  That guys immune system is practically robotic.  I wish the kids had gotten those genes.  If that’s even a thing.  I am quite sure immune systems probably are not passed down through genes, but what am I, a geneticist?  So my weeks have involved many boxes of tissues and bottles of Tylenol.  It’s been a real joy.

I did, however, have a (albeit too brief) break to go visit an amazing friend in Clearwater, FL.  80 degrees felt very very nice.  I’m back at work today.  This is how I feel about that…

photo (5)

Love my job, but I seriously feel like this today.  I don’t know what that really means, only that it made me and Chick A laugh really hard to make my hair do this.  Sidenote, I used to work with a girl who honest to God had hair that looked like this.  She could just never get it together.  I’m not the best at doing my hair, but I do at least brush it every morning.  If any of you are reading this thinking “hey, I used to work with her…”, I promise, it wasn’t you.  Your hair is amazing.

Love you all.  I’ll be funnier in the spring, I promise.

-Chick E


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