We Don’t Know If You Know This, But We’re Kind Of A Big Deal…


I thought about posting something like, “Sorry to all our loyal followers, but Chick E and I have decided to end TFC due to us each wanting to take our rising star blog in different directions….”

Then shout out a totally bolded font APRIL FOOLS!!!

But, I decided against it. It’s too easy. We go for more complicated comedy. Plus, Chick E told me today that she hates April Fool’s Day. And to that I just made fun of the word “Fools” by saying, “FOOLS!!!”

Okay, so let me get to my point, three paragraphs later…

If you haven’t stopped by and clicked that “Like” button on our Facebook page yet (and why haven’t you?  www.facebook.com/toofunnychicks) We wanted to let you know to check out a blog we wrote for a blogging-colleague.

AKA: We were Guest Bloggers on her Blog. We’re super excited and kinda feel like big deals.

Thanks to Victoria Sawyer for asking us to bring our special brand of insanity to her blog!

Hope you’ll check out our post all about what brings The Chicks “Angst”…it’s pretty much just a resume for our future therapists…

CHECK IT OUT HERE and then go check out Victoria’s hilarious writings….one of my favorites was, “Pity Party for 2! WhooHooo!” So funny!

Heart you, heart YOU Miss Angst. 😉

-The Chicks



One response to “We Don’t Know If You Know This, But We’re Kind Of A Big Deal…

  1. I think that blog post would be a great place for you guys to start with your therapists. Great material that could span SESSIONS. I can recommend a good one…I’m seeing Dr. Phil right now. Not that Dr. Phil, but a different one. Anywhoo…he’s pretty dope. Do people say that anymore? Dope. That shit’s dope! It sounds soooo dumb. Anyway….Loved the post!!! Thanks for stopping by…you can do it again in the future if you want or you can proposition me to post on your blog…if you like propositioning people over the interwebs (I totally said that for YOU Chick E!!!) BYEE!!


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