Sharks, Ghosts, The Dark, Snakes and New DVR Equipment. All Super Scary.


I miss you VCR.

I have had multiple other posts about me and my love/hate relationship with technology.

You could read about when I got a new tablet for Christmas this year here or how about when I had to upgrade to Windows 8 here for examples of my insane fear of moving forward with technology.

This story begins with a call I had to make to my cable provider last week to ask them why my bill had gone up by $22. (I knew why, my promotional package from last year had expired and just like every year at this time I call my cable provider and ask them why my bill has gone up and I use my saddest voice and get them to give me some other promotion.)

I call to hopefully get my bill reduced. Miraculously, I got someone on the phone that was kind and not speaking like I was putting them out. Yay. Long story short, not only did this gem of a person get me a promotional rate for another year, but they also told me that my equipment was overdue to be upgraded. What? Are people not using VCR’s anymore to record their favorite television programs?? No, just kidding, we do have DVR, we’re not completely out of touch (Sorry Chick E…) but I guess there was a WAY newer DVR we could get!

Of course I’m excited. It’s all free, my bill was actually going to go down by a few buckeroonies. I was a happy consumer. She says they’d need to send someone out to install the new equipment. Great. Easy peasy.

Today was the day. New equipment day. My bf went home to meet the installer for our 11-1 appointment window. I am told he (the installer) arrived promptly at 11. Wow. I’m not used to utility companies….I don’t know….being good/being on time/not being a-holes/giving good customer service/caring about their customers/responsible/kind….one or all of those.

I called my bf a bit after one o’clock to see how it all went. I like to always know how everything all went…I am a woman.

My bf said to me, “Fine. He’s all done. But, I know that you’re going to be upset about a few things…”

A rush of stress ran through my body. Why hadn’t I thought of this?? I know EXACTLY what he’s about to say! I am such a fool!! I got so carried away hearing words like, “Upgrade” and “Free” and “Will Install For You” that I was blinded to the facts. I was going to be getting all new equipment. It wasn’t going to be the same. It would be totally different that what I am used to. Omg. What the hell was I thinking?? I can’t handle changes like these! Not on a Monday for sure! OMG.

My bf tried to appease me by saying things like, “It’s very simple…” and “There’s really new cool things it can do…” but it wasn’t helping. All I could think about was how I wasn’t going to know how to run my television anymore and why did I have to complain about my bill…then I wouldn’t be in this mess!!

Then, my bf, dropped the biggest bomb of all. I could tell he was anxious to tell me these next eight words…he said, “Everything that was on the DVR is gone.”

Again, a rush of confusion pulses through my brain. It’s gone?? It’s all gone? WHAT WAS ON THERE???? My shows race through my head…what had I been saving?

Glee? No. Up to date.

The Voice? Nope. Good there.

The Mindy Project? New Girl? Modern Family?? Ellen???

(I missed most of today’s Ellen because of this, sorry Ellen…) (OMG, Ellen was a repeat today!! Thank you God! You really are looking out for me!)

Even my bf was calling out shows, he was like, “The Biggest Loser?” No, that’s not on right now, I replied reassuringly.

There was an episode of “The Pioneer Woman” (Food Network Show) that I hadn’t watched yet and some episodes of “Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals” that I wanted to get caught up on, that would now be gone…and about seven episodes of “Jeopardy” that my bf and I like to watch and keep score to, but no big loss there, that show stacks up a lot anyways and then on some Sunday we’ll watch eight in a row. So for the most part, I hadn’t lost anything that tragic.

Yes, I know what you’re all thinking. I can pretty much find anything online to watch that I may have lost, but still…my DVR is like an extension of my “To Do” list which I love. I like to maintain it properly. I also know that some of you are thinking, “Geez, this Chick watches A LOT of television!!!” Maybe I do. I don’t know. I feel like I watch an average amount. Maybe I’ll reconsider after this post…

When I arrived home from work today, I immediately started to assess the damage. New remote. New cable box/DVR in both the living room and the bedroom.


I go to turn on the TV. How do I even do that?? “All Power”. Okay. Everything looks incredibly different. The format, the guides, the fonts, the colors, the brightness, the way the up and down buttons scroll, the page up and down buttons are in a different spot, where was the button that brought me to my DVR anyways??

The “Manual” was no help of course. I don’t know many women that look at a “manual” and read it and go, “Oh, okay, I get it now…” I say “manual” like it’s an alleged thing because I just don’t buy it. It’s not helpful. It pretends to be helpful, but I really think it’s just mocking me. Why do you think it’s called a “MANual”?? It’s certainly not called a “WOMANual”…

I spent some time with the remote. I wandered around, pushing random buttons, seeing what it all did. I actually recorded my “series” programs, you know, “Ellen”, “Glee”, “Modern Family”, “The Voice” etc etc etc

It does a bunch of new things too….I can listen to my Pandora on it through an app on the…..whatever. An app I saw on the screen that said “Pandora”, you can go on Facebook on it, I don’t understand how this works and I probably will never use this, but thanks cable provider anyways for thinking some people might want that feature.

There was actually a weather app on it as well, so my town was already set up to show the weather and I even added my bf’s parents town in Scotland so we could keep tabs on their weather too. Thanks cable provider.

So, bottom-line of this over-twelve-hundred-word-blog on, what else? My new DVR box. I need to remember that although changes might take a small amount of time to adjust to, I’m always happy with the result. I’m typing on my new tablet right now and I love it so much, whereas when I first received it, I smiled awkwardly and put it away to not look at it for at least a week. When my bf switched me over from using a Flash Drive for storing information to a “cloud”…I literally cried! (I’ve got issues like tissues, people…)

Let’s not be afraid of technology. Let’s embrace it. I’m sure whoever is coming up with these upgrades know that there are people like me out there who cry about changes and have nightmares about upgrades, so they try to make it as user-friendly as possible as to not scare people like me….at least not too much anyways.

Alright, I forgot to set up a series recording for “The Biggest Loser” I mean, if that comes on and I wasn’t aware, I’ll freak out people, FREAK. OUT.

Heart you, kinda heart you scary, scary technology……

-Chick A





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