The Chicks: Opposites Attract.

So, I, Chick A, received a small award at work today for putting together this weekly raffle to raise morale…I forwarded the notification I received to Chick E…I was VERY excited.

Here is a portion of what the email said regarding my award: (Some edits have been made to protect the innocent…)

 Dear Chick A:

Congratulations! Because of your focus on our company’s Competencies and Values your recent Rewarding Excellence nomination from a colleague has been approved.

Competency and Value: Above & Beyond

Contribution: Chick A is such a spirited employee and goes out of her way to brighten everyone’s day! Things have been extra busy around here lately, so she implemented a theme raffle each week to boost morale a bit. I think it’s important to recognize her positive attitude!

 This is the email conversation that followed between myself and Chick E:

Chick A: WooHoo!!!!

Chick E: ugh

Chick A: I’m Spirited!!!

Chick E: ugh

Chick A: I go out of my way to brighten everyone’s day!!!

Chick E: I sometimes cannot believe we are friends.

See? Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat were right. Opposites do attract.


I’m a bit more “spirited” when it comes to raising the morale of those around me…I have a hard time NOT getting involved in extra-curricular activities. Always been like that. Since, forever.

chick a

This is me, if I was a cheerleader.

I’m all WOOHOO!!! YEAH!!!! GO TEAM!! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Awesome, Awesome, Totally!!

But, Chick E is “spirited” in her ways too. She’s an avid member of our company’s charity golf tournament and has built an awesome website for it. So, “ugh” to her back… 😛

buffy cheerleader

This is Chick E, if she were a cheerleader.

She’s all……go team…blarg…whatever…ugh….(lightly shakes pom poms)

You need balance in any good relationship. Sometimes Chick E is super positive about stuff that I am more negative about, like me buying expensive shoes for example…

This post is making me think that we need to write a list of things we do and do not agree on. That might be funny.

For example:

Coach bags? AGREE

Orange and Blue Coach Bags? DISAGREE

Don’t worry, Followers…no matter what we agree or disagree on, no matter our outlooks on implementing work raffles, we’ll always be your Chicks.

Chick A & Chick E 4eva. (Ooooh….I’m thinkin’ new tattoos!!!)

Heart you, Chick E.

-Chick A



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