Hey Jude.

It’s almost Mother’s Day. So, of course, I found it only appropriate to write a post about the forever-long debate over who’s a better overall basketball player, Michael Jordan or Larry Bird? Something I love to debate.

No. Just foolin’. I’m gonna write a post about my Mum. I’m not just gonna gush about how great she is, but what I’ve learned from her, who she is as a person and the pros and cons of being her daughter. (My Mum is totally reading this and getting super anxious about what I’m going to say, I know it…)

My Mum. We call her Mum as opposed to Mom or I don’t know, whatever else adult children call their Mother. (If you’re older than 13 and still call your Mom “Mommy”, we’ll have to discuss that in a whole other blog. (Unless it’s in jest, like sometimes I’ll call my Dad “Daddy” just to be a dork…so, that’s okay…) We call her Mum because that’s what she called her Mum. I think it’s a British thing. I’m not saying we’re British. I think we are a portion British, but…anywho…let’s continue. We DO like the Beatles………


My Mum had me when she was 30. I like this fact because it makes the math so much easier when I have to remember how old she is. She tells me this every year on my birthday. That and how there was a flood in the O.R. when I was born and the Nurse’s had to stuff us into a linen closet. (Aha, maybe that’s why I tend to be claustrophobic around small bodies of water…) I am the youngest of three girls. Or, three Chicks, if you will.


Me and My Mum.

My Mum went to school to be a nurse and was an RN for many years and loved working with kids. Until 1980, when my Dad, who had a longtime job at the phone company, decided it would be better if she was a proprietor of a motel on the Lake. (I’m gonna get into so much crap for using the terms, “My Dad decided”… :/ (Speaking of forever long debated topics…) (That’s another story too…) So, the five of us moved from the city to the lake and ran a motel for 20 years. (Again, this is a debatable topic of how many actually “ran” it…)


I won’t go into what life was like growing up at a motel because I already have plans to write that long, crazy, hilarious, insane, super weird story.

Moving forward…

Here are some things I got from my Mum.

First off, I got her legs. She has terrific legs. Slender and toned. Hers are generally tanner than mine are, but still, we both have hot legs.


Isn’t she fabulous?

I got her…let’s just nicely call it “attention to detail”…or as some may refer to it as, “OCD”…we like things just so. We both love to host parties, but have trouble managing our stress around all the preparations and cleaning and tend to not always “enjoy” our own parties. Weird, right? You’d think we’d stop having parties then…nope.

Both my parents are extremely thoughtful, but this is about my Mum, sorry Daddy. 😉 (I’ll talk about you in June.) If you tell my Mum that you love something in March, you’ll get in for your birthday or Christmas of that year. She buys very thoughtful and useful gifts. Nothing that I ever think to myself, “That’ll be a great re-gift…” I feel as though I get this trait from her as well. I feel as though I am a good gift giver. I hope. Most of the time. Maybe.

My Mum taught me to write thank you notes, to always “rise to the occasion” even if you didn’t feel like it, she taught me to have a positive attitude even when it was really hard, that you should concentrate on what you have to be grateful for, not be upset about what you don’t have. She taught me to always look presentable. This means, comb your hair. My Mum is not one of, but the hardest worker that I have ever met. To this day, she has a job working at a really cute store to just stay busy and make some “mad money” as she refers to it. She’s always going, going, going. Something my bf will agree I got from her as well. The word “relax” is basically foreign to us.

I hope that in 30 years, when I am her age that I look half as good as she does. It always sounds insulting when people say that, I don’t think it’s meant to, but that’s how I hear it. I just mean that my Mum looks very young and I’m really hoping I get that from her too.

My Mum is able to be a moderate drinker, something we very rarely have in common. She’s got such a strong bond with Martinis that she now refers to them instead as, “Martins”.

My Mum is amazing with plants and flowers. I feel as though she passed down her green thumb to me as well. That sounds weird…

I’ve listed many of the Pros about my Mum, but I told you I was going to tell you some Cons as well. Not so much Cons, but things that we do not see eye to eye on. So, here goes.

My Mum LOVES the song “Love Shack” by the B-52’s and adores Andrea Bocelli. These are two examples of things that we do not have in common. And she loves olives. SO gross.

One of my greatest joys in life is being a good daughter to my parents. Making them laugh, making them proud, showing them how to use their iPhones, iPods and most recently, spreadsheets and Flash Drives, these things bring me much joy.

My Mum is one of my best friends in the World. Anything that happens in my life hasn’t really happened until I have told her. It’s really a great thing to transition between having a completely Mother/Daughter relationship when you’re young, to then a friendship when you’re older.

She’ll always be my Mum first though. Teaching me the difference between right and wrong.  I’ve recently been taught that it is wrong to not paint your shed when your shed needs painting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard recently how badly we need to paint our shed. It stressed her out so much. Every time she’d drive by, I think she’d text me something about it. But, that’s totally how I’ll be as well, so I don’t get upset about it. Last week I finally got to text her, “You’ll be happy to know the shed is painted.” She wrote back, “YAY!!!! :)”

So, Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing Mum. There are so many stories I could have told, but didn’t want to embarrass you too much, it is a day to celebrate you, not horrify you. But, all the things that you are and all the things that you are not, have made me who I am today. A neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, beach loving, thoughtful, selfless (her more than me), thank you note writing, leg loving, positive, kind, strong woman.

Mums, Moms, Mommies, Step-Mothers, Dog-Mothers or whatever other kinds of Mums there are out there, they truly are what make the World go round.  (That and Facebook. I mean, right?) So, appreciate your Mum, with all her good stuff and all her OCD about your shed stuff.

To the “Pritteee-est” Girl in the World,


I love you.

-Chick A


One response to “Hey Jude.

  1. Abbé all this and more is so true about your mum. She is an amazing and well loved lady! Thanks for sharing her with all of us!


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