TFC Investigates…What’s Going On With Your Car??

Chick A and I are often out and about together, and we can’t help but notice all of the things going on with so many cars out there.

Take this one for example…


I’m not sure which I like better, the bulldog or the snowman.  Is that one on the right a large stuffed dog bone?

What is it that compels people to put stuffed animals on the “rear deck” of their car?  I just learned it was called a rear deck.  At least that’s what one of my co-workers told me.  Maybe it’s not.  I was calling it a “rear dashboard”.

Anyway.  What are those stuffed animals doing back there?  This isn’t unique to this car.  I see this all the time.  It’s beyond confusing.  Do you get worried that they get lonely at home?  Are they like pets to you?  Do you think they add some sort of character to your car?  Do you have small children that play with them?  Do they just enjoy being out for a cruise?

What about the box of tissues?  I admittedly have a box of tissues in my car, on the floor of the backseat.  I have a four year old who would wipe boogers everywhere if I didn’t, so that’s my excuse.  I sent this picture to Chick A the day I took it and she goes “you’re screwed if you need a tissue”.

Then there’s this guy…

car with hats


What’s going on here?  Look at all those hats.  Sometimes during the day do you need to switch it up?  Does it depend on what you’re doing?  “I”m at the grocery store now, this calls for my Celtics hat”.  Or maybe he just has so many hats that he ran out of room and needed somewhere to keep the rest.

I think it comes down to this: people use their cars to express themselves.  They just want the whole world to know a little something about them.  Hence the popularity of bumper stickers and vanity plates.  I like to do this when I’m driving down the road with Mr. Chick E:

  • Me: “There goes Amy’s Mom”
  • Mr. Chick E: “Who is Amy?”
  • Me: “I have no idea”
  • Mr. Chick E: (looks confusingly at me)
  • Me: (points) “That car’s license plate is AMYSMUM”

I do this all the time.  To a fault probably.  I think I’m wicked funny.  Hopefully you do too.  (Chick A and I desperately need to be liked.  We are not OK.)

-Chick E


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