Sleep Troubles.

It’s Way Back Wednesday! This is our very first blog ever from August 2013!

Too Funny Chicks

Pillow Border Control. Pillow Border Control.

When it comes to sleeping, I am like a 94 year old man. My right hip really bothering me and my left shoulder. So I can’t sleep on either side comfortably. I toss and turn all night long and have to pee six times. I’ve stopped drinking water passed 10 AM. The temperature has to be a perfect 62 degrees. Wait, am I a 94 year old man or just a really high maintenance woman? Not sure. We’ll call it a draw.

Every single night, my bf makes this “border” of pillows on the bed, one on the right of him, one of the left of him, one for his head and one between his legs and I swear, it takes up so much room…he says it doesn’t. We agree to disagree.

Around 4:30 AM, the AC started being WICKED loud. Like the sound of a car engine…

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