I Wish Kittens Didn’t Poop, And Other Sunday Thoughts

I was so excited to write this blog I had premature e-publishing. Sorry about that. :/

This time your email doesn’t lie. This time, there really is a completed blog to read.

This morning I received a bright and early wake up call from my cat that Chick A doesn’t believe exists. 430am he decided was a fine time to pounce on the bed whilst meowing loudly.

This led to the following thoughts that I’d like to share with you, my favorite reader. That’s right, I’m talking to you.

Are you kidding me Ollie? It’s 430 in the morning. He needs a friend to play with. We should get a kitten. But ugh, that litter box. I can’t handle any more crap in the litter box. I wish kittens didn’t poop. Or grow. That would be amazing. I would have a million kittens if that were true.


They’re cute for like 16 days.

I think we need oil. I wonder what the price of oil is these days. I wish oil were free. At least one tank a year would be cool. I should probably know what the price of oil is. That seems like one of those things that I should know. I really need to start watching the news. And reading more.


Maybe a kitten would help me read more!

I gotta write a blog today. Chick A is probably about to fire me. Can you fire someone from a voluntary blog?


Is that the baby? *silence* Nope. Guess not. I can’t believe that kid still doesn’t sleep through the night. You know how they say “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy”? Well I would. I wish all of my worst enemies would have kids that barely sleep.


Maybe a kitten would help my baby to sleep!

Do I have any enemies? I can’t think of anyone I’d consider an enemy. I wonder if anyone considers me an enemy. I wonder if any of those people read TFC. I hope they at least think I’m funny before going back to hating me.


Maybe I should get a kitten diary to track my enemies?

This is just a small glimpse into the mind of Chick E on a Sunday morning. On an early early Sunday morning. 430am sucks.

-Chick E


2 responses to “I Wish Kittens Didn’t Poop, And Other Sunday Thoughts

  1. You know, if you got a dog, it would most likely eat all the cat poo from the box and solve your problem, removing the only obstacle to you becoming a cat hoarder…


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