My Life With Chick E.

Today  is Chick E’s birthday. She is 33 years old.

5 full years younger than me. 😦

001 (61)

The Birthday Girl! If you look closely, there is a line of chocolate across her nose from a hot fudge sundae. Weird.

So…because our birthdays fall with just one day separating them, we decided to do odes to the other. (If you didn’t read mine from the 30th, do so here…) We’re bloggers, that’s what we do…

Chick E and I became friends probably about 5 years ago. We were on a committee at work together and commiserated about how much we disliked it. (Sorry LAC.)

Chick E has a whole host of wonderful and incredible traits and I’ve decided to make bullet points describing some of my favorites…

Here we go…

  • Chick E has taught me that cost is no obstacle in purchasing the right shoes. Chick E might be the closest I’ll ever come to being friends with Carrie Bradshaw.
  • Chick E can eat a lot of food in one sitting. Listen, I can put it down too, trust me, but I’m like of larger stature, it seems more feasible and appropriate. She’s like a little, tiny hamster, it’s almost bewildering to me where it all goes….here is an example of a usual breakfast:
E Breakfast

Both plates are hers.

  • Chick E does not like the beach. This, not our differences in our affection for pop culture is where we differ most greatly, in my opinion. Something about sand and getting sandy, I think it was. I don’t get it. I think it’s probably good that she doesn’t love the beach as much as me because then we’d hang out even more than we already do and maybe we’d get sick of each other. Maybe. Probably not though.
  • Chick E is really smart. She knows so many more things than I do. I can’t even tell you about what. Just everything. But she doesn’t ever make me feel stupid, she just explains things to me in a way that I’ll understand. (I make myself sound so much stupider than I really am…) (I mean, it’s not like I don’t know what the 6 continents are!!) She’s 100% the brains in this operation. Leaving me….the looks. 😉 (Just kidding, Chick E….see the bullet four below…)
  • Chick E is a fiercely loyal friend. If someone wrongs me or hurts me, she hates them. And, I like this about her. (She doesn’t really, but she’ll tell me she does to make me feel better.)
  • I often have told her that she is “The funniest skinny Chick I’ve ever met.” I’m not bias about chubby Chicks being funnier than skinny Chicks because I, myself am chubby…….I’m lying…I totally am bias about that. So, for a skinny Chick, she really amazes me with her sense of humor, her comedic timing, her ability to find the funny in everything….as I do. 🙂
046 (23)

I cannot remember why she did this, but it was hilarious.

  • Chick E has two kids, a husband, an alleged cat, a beautiful house, a demanding job and is co-owner of this growing blog of hilarity. She is a busy lady. I almost feel bad when I say things like, “I hardly got any sleep last night” (Four hours to her is equivalent to ten hours for me) or when I boss her around to get her blogs done, posts to Instagram/FB/Tweeter etc…because I know she’s a lot busier than me.

Mr. and Mrs. Chick E


She has a lot going on…

  • One time, someone at work told me the following, verbatim. (Remember, Chick E and I work at the same company. Remember this for later.) Except they didn’t call her “Chick E” like I’m about to do, they called her by her real name, and they didn’t call it “XYZ Company” like I will do to protect the innocent, they said our company name…so, not 100% verbatim…they said: “Chick E is the most beautiful woman at XYZ Company.” At the same exact second, I thought and said to the person, “Awwe….HEYY!!!!”

So Pretty.

  • We both know when to just listen or give advice. To just agree sometimes with the other, even if they’re wrong, because sometimes you need that. We both agree that people don’t hug enough and the world would be a better place if people hugged more, but we never really started hugging more. We need to work on that.
  • Chick E is an awesome friend. She’s really, really good at being a best friend. She texts back within seconds almost always, which is a very important trait. She dislikes all the same people I dislike, she buys me random presents for no reason, she tells me when my outfit/hair/shoes look bad. I’ve had to part with a few things that she has said, “Never wear that again.” We both hate olives. We think all the same things are funny. Mostly the super, super stupid stuff that maybe no one else would think was funny. She just gets me. And getting me is a hard thing to do. We are so much alike, but still have our differences to keep it interesting.
002 (54)

We both do not like meetings.

034 (23)

We both do like eating out!

But most important, maybe the thing I love most about her is this…

If you have a hilarious picture of a squirrel playing a trumpet and you ask her to pretend to play the trumpet with her mouth, and say stuff like, “He’s playing a sad song now…” or “He’s playing an upbeat tune…” she’ll do it….and change the tune accordingly…pretty much as often as you want. If you text her and tell her to send you a recording of her doing those trumpet sounds so you can listen to it whenever, she’ll do that too. She’s just an awesome, awesome friend.

Please click here to watch a quick video to see what I am talking about. It’ll change your life.

So, please…join me in wishing my partner-in-crime, my co-blog owner, my bff, Chick E the best birthday ever! She deserves it.

Happy Birthday my dear friend. My life is better because of you.

Heart you. Heart you so much,

-Chick A


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