Boobs. People Just Really Love ‘Em.

People love boobs.

Babies love ’em, women love ’em, men especially love ’em.

People just really like boobs. And rightly so, they look great, they’re useful, they make tank tops look amazing.

But, when it comes down to protecting women’s “assets”, are women’s hearts getting the shaft?

Heart disease (Go Red!) kills 1 in 3 American women every year and breast cancer (Pink Ribbons!) kills 1 in 31 women each year.

However, you see a lot more pink stuff than red stuff. You know what I mean? Pink ribbons are on cars, shirts, bracelets, hats, mugs, winter hats, sweatshirts, billboards, tattoos, maybe pants, I don’t know…just a lot of pink for breast cancer awareness everywhere you look. The red movement, I do not believe has come as far….considering my aforementioned statistics. Seeing something heart disease awareness related is like seeing a moose in the woods while you’re driving down the road. LOOK!!! WOW!!

Now, why is this? Wouldn’t you think that something that was killing 1 in 3 women would be the #1 talk of the town, on every article of clothing? But, the pink stuff is far more prevalent.

Here’s what I think. And, I feel as though I can say these things for the following reasons. Both diseases affect me personally. One affects me, my Mum and my Dad personally (heart disease) and the other affects my sister (and countless other people I care about). So, basically I hate both diseases the same amount.

So, again, why do I think that the people choose pink over red?

Refer to my first line of this post. People love boobs. They just do. They love ’em. Hey, I love my boobs, I get it.


This guy certainly likes Boobs.

But, is there an injustice or lack of information going on here in America? I kinda think so. Without your heart, your boobs don’t matter. Without your girlfriend’s/wife’s/that hot girl at the bar’s heart, her boobs won’t matter. You see what I’m getting at?

Maybe people just prefer the color pink to the color red. I know I do. I was having a conversation once with someone that I consider a family member, but is not, and she had battled breast cancer….and again, I have heart disease…so we were discussing “our” disease’s color schemes….she said, “I wish breast cancer was red!” and I said, “I wish heart disease was pink!!” and we laughed. We gotta have a stupid disease AND support colors we do not like. Ugh.

What is the point of this blog? It’s not to start a battle over Heart Disease vs. Breast Cancer. They both 100% suck. And no, it’s not just so I can remind you that I have heart disease. (But you can be reminded here.) When I gave a speech once at an American Heart Association affair, I wanted to use this topic as my opener…the whole, “People just LOVE Boobs…” but the powers that be at the AHA thought maybe some of the people listening to my speech wouldn’t think that me talking about America’s love of boobs was super appropriate.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…it’s funny that people love boobs so much. What are they? Skin bags of excess fat? That’s sexy….but no, like I said, I get it….they are awesome. Like I said, I love mine. One time I told Chick E something about mine and she wrote my quote on a sticky note and hung it in my office. I removed it because I’m not quite sure it would be considered work appropriate…


Is that weird?

Listen, if you’re reading this, just know that heart disease is nuts. It’s like, “I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, child, if you’re 32 or 82. I don’t give a crap…” nuts.

So, of course, keep your pink ribbon magnets on your car, wear your “Save the Tatas” shirts, continue giving money to support the cure, all of these things are awesome. But, maybe put a Go Red for Women dress magnet next to your pink ribbon magnet on your car as well or maybe wear one of those silicone bracelets and definitely give some cash to the AHA too. That’s all I’m saying.

Boobs are awesome. Hearts are pretty sweet too. They don’t need to compete, right?

I know, I know….when you’re trying to meet guys, you’re not showing off some x-ray of your heart, (“Hey cutie, check out my ejection fraction... ;)” ….you’re wearing a low-cut tank top and a push up bra…I get it. I do.

Heart you….boob you too. 😉

-Chick A


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