How Many Steps Did I Take Today? HOW MANY????

There is a new craze going around called the FitBit.  For those of you who haven’t heard, let me break  it down for you a bit.  They currently have three models, the Zip , the One, and the Flex.  The Zip and the One you clip on, like any normal pedometer.  The Flex you wear as a bracelet, but it too is pretty much a pedometer.

FitBit One

FitBit One

FitBit Flex

FitBit Flex

FitBit Zip

FitBit Zip

Here’s how they work.  They track your steps (like a pedometer) and then sync wirelessly to your computer where you hook into this fancy dashboard to see how many steps a day you’ve taken, your weekly average, and what your FitBit friends are averaging.  And so although it sounds EXACTLY like a pedometer in function, it is entirely different in motivation.  (But it really is pretty much a pedometer).

I have the FitBit Flex.  It has five little lights that flash on the band to tell me how close to my goal of 10,000 steps a day I am.  To do this you gently tap the display area of the band and it will light up on command with a certain number of lights.  If four of the five lights are solid and the fifth is blinking then I’m somewhere around the 8,000 mark, but not quite at 10,000.  Get it?  Got that math?  Chick A?  You with me?  You can also sync to your PC using a dongle (UGH.  I hate that word so much.  I work in IT and that word comes up a bit.  I can never keep a straight face.  Seriously.), or sync to your phone/tablet using BlueTooth.  I sync to everything possible.  I’m addicted to syncing my FitBit.  I sync to my computer, my iPhone, and my iPad.  Many, many times a day.

FitBit is crazy motivating.  I have this need to take as many steps a day as possible now. When I reach my goal of 10,000 steps (that’s the default. You can make it whatever you want to make it) FitBit gets all excited for you and flashes all crazy and then gives a congratulatory vibration. It’s all very rewarding.

dawson fitbit

Oh Dawson…it’ll be OK.

This past weekend my FitBit broke.  I am not sure what happened, all I know is that suddenly she does not light up anymore.  It’s heartbreaking.  And now I no longer feel the urge to walk or run or move, because I have no idea what it all means now.  Did I take 4,000 steps yesterday?  Did I take 10,000?  I have no idea.  Life has lost all meaning.  (I’m clearly being dramatic for effect, you got that, right?)

Why has nothing before motivated me to move like FitBit has? Why do five little lights and a slight vibration actually make me get off my ass at night and run?  I honestly cannot figure it out.  I’ve stopped trying though, because it’s working.  My need to please the FitBit is like no other.  I honestly care about those lights.  I need to see all five each and every day.  Before I had a FitBit I was running once a week, maybe.  Now it’s 4-6 times a week.  And even on the days I don’t run, I still make sure I walk enough to meet my goal.

Some things to note:

  • FitBit Flex will also track sleep.  I don’t do that anymore.  It’s depressing to know that I average 2 wakeful periods and 19 restless ones.
  • They have an amazing warranty.  They’ll even go so far as to give you a new one if you’ve lost yours.  It’s totally your fault but FitBit doesn’t care.  They’re that nice.
  • The Flex comes in fun colors but is sort of tough to wear.  It’s not the most fashionable thing.  When my mom first saw it she said “That’s butt-a** ugly”.  Thanks Mom.
  • I have since fixed mine thanks to their amazing customer support and a teeny tiny reset button I now know exists.  So I’m back at it, moving for the sake of lighting up some lights on a butt-a** ugly wrist accessory.


    It’s not THAT ugly, right?

I think you should all get them.  And then we can all be FitBit friends.  And try to outstep each other.  Chick A has one too.  Email us at if you want to be FitBit friends.  It’s like being BFFs only cooler.  😛

-Chick E


One response to “How Many Steps Did I Take Today? HOW MANY????

  1. I’m not sure I need this FitBit gadget you speak of as judging by the size of my butt, I always know exactly how many steps I’ve taken….not enough.


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