The Chicks Remember: Nanu Nanu.


I remember watching reruns of Mork & Mindy in the early 80’s. I had never seen any actor like Robin Williams. He was “of another planet”…pun intended. Even at a young age, I could tell that his brand of comedy was unmatched.

I believe the first actual movie I saw of his was, “Good Morning, Vietnam”…and I fell in love with the theory of make people laugh, even through the worst of times. I know it was just a script, a movie, where Robin played Airman Adrian Cronauer, but you could see that Robin shone through Adrian…a guy who didn’t follow the rules and just went with his gut that situations, no matter how bad, could be helped with humor.


Some of my favorite Robin Williams moments…anything in bold or blue or underlined (not sure how it works) is a link to something you can watch. 🙂

Howdy, gyneroos! Dilated to meet ya!”

“What’s the demilitarized zone? It sounds like something from the Wizard of Oz “Oh no don’t go in there!” “Ohhh wee ohh. Ho Chi Minh.” “Oh look you’ve landed in Saigon. You’re amongst the little people now.” “We represent the ARVN army, the ARVN army. Oh no! Follow the Ho Chi Minh trail! Follow the Ho Chi Minh trail!” Adrian Cronauer/Good Morning, Vietnam


“A Run-By Fruiting!”

“You’re not old enough to shave! What are you doing with a sword? And flying around… this is an insurance nightmare! What is this, some sort of “Lord of the Flies” preschool? Where are your parents? Who’s in charge, here?” Peter Banning/Hook

Basically, all of Aladdin….but in particular, this.

“My Wife Used to Fart When She was Nervous.”

Those are just some of my faves….feel free to add your own in the comments below, we’d love it…

His voices, his energy, his faces, his range, his talent, his humanity. He was an amazing actor, comedian, person and this Chick will forever miss his utter magic.


 Genie, You’re Free!

Heart you, Robin Williams…

-Chick A


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    • @RyanGoslingWorkout- Not 100% sure what you’re saying. I’m not even sure if it’s a compliment or not. But, either way, thanks for reading. 🙂

      By the way, what IS Ryan’s workout?



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