One More Thing I Always Regret…But Not This Time!!!

Every year about this time, with the new school year starting and the fun and carefree days of summer coming to an end, I start thinking about getting my shizzle together…what does this mean? Getting a Day Planner.

For some reason, I just WANT a Day Planner. I want one real, real bad. I want to put in all the birthdays and anniversaries for the whole year and then start REALLY using it for appointments and scheduling drinks with friends and pulling it out of my bag to check, “Am I available to play tennis with you on that Thursday? Lemme see...”

However, in the past, say, 10 years, I have not gone longer than maybe two months with using said planner. I just forget about it, use my phone, have sticky notes everywhere, just use my brain to remember stuff…and that’s always pretty scary. Thus, I probably have in my basement or in a landfill somewhere, ten Day Planners that have a year full of birthdays and anniversaries and 2 months of “other appointments”…and that’s it.

And the funny part is, and this is how this related to my other blog about “Chick A Remembers: Things That Sound Good At The Time And Then You Always Regret” is that EVERY YEAR, when I see a cute Day Planner at some adorable gift shop near the beach, I get all fanciful and my brain is erased of all the past years of wasted Day Planners…and I think, “This Year….this year I’m gonna REALLY commit to this Day Planner. It’s gonna be my right hand man, my keeper of dates, my com-padre of organization! This is the year that I’ll use it ALL year! However, this year, I actually did remember all those blank pages of Day Planners past while I was in that adorable gift shop near the beach. I saw this planner, super cute…good size, good features…and I picked it up…and my mind was a cyclone of thoughts of should I try this ONE. MORE. TIME? I put it back on the shelf. No. I’m not going to make the same mistake again. I picked it up again…it REALLY would be SO handy. I walked around with it, I looked it up on Amazon to see if I could get it cheaper there. I could. By $2. So here’s what I’ll do, I’ll take some time, sleep on it, maybe I’d forget about it and/or realize it’s not meant to be in my life. I’ll go look at some bags or some earrings that I need just as little instead. Then, with a sudden jolt, I purposefully walked back to the shelf where all the Day Planners sat and grabbed it. This WILL be my year! I’m GONNA do it!!

So, I bought it, I didn’t even care about the two dollar savings I could have received on Amazon. I needed it right now!

I’ve filled it all out. Birthdays, Anniversaries, any random other dates that I already know of for the dates September 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015….

Five days. I’ve got five days to wait before me and this little cutie become one. A team of organized efficiency and style. I’m SO excited.

And, don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. I know you were worried that this would be the last you’d hear of it…

photo 2

(You have to have BOTH a pencil with cap eraser to be able to “pencil things in”…plans that are tentative…

and one of my favorite things in the world, a pen with four-color options to have variety! It’s the spice of life, y’all!)

Issues like tissues….that’s me. (And a saying that I’ve been trying to get going for years, please spread…)

Heart you, heart you, you super adorable Day Planner that makes me really happy and definitely won’t let me down this year….

-Chick A


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