TFC 1ST Anniversary Blog-Off!!

Hey y’all!

(Sometimes we wish we were Southern…we just really like saying “y’all”…)

On August 29th, 2014…

Will celebrate it’s First Anniversary!


Thanks to you guys and gals, we’ve come a long way and continue to grow…

(This is not a reference to our waistlines…)

To celebrate turning One Year Old, we thought we’d do something CRAZY!!

No, not sit in a high-chair and eat a small cake by ourselves…


(Why do people think this is a good idea for 1 year olds?)

We are going to have a “Blog-Off”!!

I apologize that I didn’t post this sooner to our actual blog and not just to our Facebook account! (…not sure what I was thinking?!

(I’m not always the smartest Chick in the Pasture…)

(I don’t think that even makes sense…)

So, we are going to extend the deadline one week! So, all you awesome bloggers and wannabe-bloggers can get your entries in!

Submit a blog to the Chicks at: by August 26th September 5th about ANYTHING you want. As long as it’s hilarious!

The Chicks will decide what is the most hilarious of all the hilariousness and post it to and to on August 29th September 6th!

Plus, we’ll send the winner a prize!!


No, you don’t get a car…you don’t get a car either…or you…or you…

So, get to writing all you funny people out there. (And no, you don’t have to be a Chick….you can be a Dude too.)

Heart you!

-The Chicks


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