REBLOG: Friday Obsession-Thoughts: Gifs and Funny Blogs

Love shout-outs from other bloggers! 🙂 WooHoo!

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Angst Anarchy

YEAH It’s the FRIZZ!!  How happy are you?  The Frizz is the best day of the work week.  And when it hits end-o’-work o’clock then it’s the best day/time of the weekend too!  All in all, a sweet day.

This week I’m obsessed with 2 things.  Gifs and Funny blogs.  For example, here’s one blog that combines BOTH items and has started my obsession:  #whatshouldwecallme

Here is another blog that also is hilarious: When Parents Text  or this:  Too Funny Chicks

And I’m kind of obsessed with The Oatmeal and Cracked

Secondly, just for fun, I’m going to put together an eclectic assortment of GIFs for your pleasure.  (BTW…I’m trying not to have coffee.  I recently took up the habit and it makes me feel all funny in the head, but also it’s awesome and I love it and I feel like “zing!”.  I think it’s becoming an…

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